Carnegie Mellon University
November 30, 2010

HPP Students Featured in Science Connection Magazine

By Amy Pavlak

HPP Students Featured in Science Connection Magazine

When Ashley Kilp walked through the small mountain village of Korbo Odumasi, Ghana, a familiar refrain followed her: “Obroni! Obroni!”

Loosely translated as “foreigner,” or more accurately, a white person, obronis stand out in the West African nation, especially in remote villages like Korbo Odumasi. Earlier that day, Kilp traveled three hours from the capital city of Accra to the village, where she found a line of people waiting for her and the rest of the team from the Crystal Eye Clinic. The small entourage of ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses, local volunteers and Kilp—a volunteer Global Impact Fellow with the nonprofit organization Unite for Sight—spent the day seeing dozens of patients, evaluating their vision, and checking for eye diseases.

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