Carnegie Mellon University

The Health Professions Program (HPP) is an advising resource for students interested in pursuing a career in a health profession. Such careers include medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, biomedical research, genetic counseling, and medical informatics, just to name a few.  The program is desigend to assist students with:

  • Exploration  - what are some possible health careers? which are right for me?
  • Preparation  - what are the requirements for applying to a health professions school?
  • Application  - what does the application process entail?
ENROLL: If you're interested in exploring and preparing for a health profession, register with the HPP office by subscribing to the HPP Mailman email information list.
To make an APPOINTMENT: please visit

If you have any general questions, please contact:

May Simaan 
(412) 268-8494

Christine Gilchrist 
(412) 268-5482

Jason D'Antonio, PhD 
(412) 268-8494