Undergraduate Students-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate Student Housing

As a current resident of university housing, you have a number of housing options available to you when planning for the upcoming academic year.

Room Selection

Students currently living in university housing must participate in Room Selection to select university housing for the next academic year. Room Selection takes place in February and early March. Themed Housing and Block Housing are both parts of Room Selection. There are many different phases of Room Selection and each resident only participates in one phase. Be sure to visit the Room Selection website to find out if you are eligible to participate and to learn about important events, dates, and deadlines.

Off-Campus Housing

Upper-class students currently living in university housing may choose to live off-campus following their first year on campus. To assist students who are interested in off-campus housing options, Housing Services provides information and resources as a convenient starting point through our Community Housing Services page.

Greek Housing

Many members of Greek organizations choose to live in Greek housing after their first year of university housing. Greek housing is managed independently through the leadership of each Greek organization, in collaboration with Housing Services and Student Life. All Greek residences are leased by the respective chapters of sanctioned Greek organizations approved by Carnegie Mellon. Students residing in Greek Housing are equally responsible for adhering to the policies that apply to other housing residents. Accountability is also shared by the affiliated Greek chapter. Many of the residential services provided to students in university housing are also provided in Greek Housing. In some cases, however, the terms of the services may vary. Please consult the Greek Housing Policies for more detail.

Summer Housing

Students attending summer classes or working locally during the summer session may apply for Summer Housing. To be considered, students must apply during the established application period.