Summer FAQs-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Summer Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am living off-campus for the Fall 2017 semester but my lease doesn't start until after August 12th, when Summer Housing ends?

A: Due to preparing for Fall semester student arrivals and needing to clean spaces, all summer students not moving into campus housing for the fall must be moved out by August 12th at noon.  Students with off-campus leases starting after August 12th are responsible for acquiring their own short-term or temporary accommodations elsewhere. For short-term housing and nearby hotel options click here.

Q: If I live in Fairfax Apartments during the Spring 2017 semester can I just stay in my room for the summer?

A: All students must apply for Summer Housing, even if your building is open for summer. If you live in one of our summer residence halls/apartments and wish to stay for the duration of both summer sessions we will try our best to allow you to stay in your space. Please note that some maintenance work and deep cleaning will need to occur in the summer – so some rooms may not be available to stay in and cleaning will need to happen. If this is the case, we will notify you of your need to move.

Q: Can graduate students or doctorate students live in Summer Housing?

A: Yes, anyone who is a current CMU student, at any level, can apply and live in Summer Housing. We would be happy to have you!

Q: I am living on campus for Summer Session 2, which ends August 12th, but my upper-class move in date is not until August 24th.  Where do I live during the interim?

A: Summer students moving to campus housing for the fall will be assigned a move date to move into fall assignment, based on when it is ready for occupancy. You will be contacted at the beginning of August regarding your move-in to your Fall 2017 assignment. You are not required to find alternative accommodations for the period of time between summer session 2 and Fall move-in.

Q: I requested to live in a double space but don’t have a preferred roommate. Will I get my own room?

A: No.  The majority of summer housing residents will be assigned to double rooms, and those without a preferred roommate will be assigned a roommate by Housing Services.

Q: I requested to live in a double but my roommate is only staying for Session One and I am staying for both sessions. After my roommate moves out will I have my own room?

A: No, we have students living on campus for just Session Two, and students in doubles will receive another roommate if their Session One roommate moves out. Please note that cleaning will occur on the vacant side of the room, so the student staying in the room for the entire duration or summer will need to have their side clean and nothing on the new roommate’s side of the room. Failure to comply will result in a charge, further detailed instructions will be sent via email.

Q: My flight home isn't until June 1st but Spring move out is May 17th. Can I stay in Summer Housing just for two weeks? How much would that cost?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot assign Summer Housing for less than one summer school session. We also cannot allow students to stay in the Spring assignment past May 17th because of conference guests using those spaces and cleaning/maintenance work being done.  Students are responsible for finding their own short-term arrangements.

Q: I am taking summer classes during Session Two and after my finals I want to go home for a week, but don’t want to bring everything with me. Can I just leave my stuff in my summer room? Or move into my Fall room early?

A: Due to needing to clean the rooms after summer move out and before fall move in, we cannot allow students to leave behind their belongings in their summer room or drop off their belongings into their new room for Fall 2017.  As a general rule students cannot leave their belongings behind while traveling, and thus should make arrangements to take their belongings with them or find alternative storage options. Housing Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items. A list of off-campus storage facilities is available here.

Q: I am returning to campus early due to an on-campus club/activity (orientation counselor, resident advisor, football player, etc.). How do I get my keys and when will my room be ready?

A: If you are part of a group that has on-campus commitments your advisor/supervisor should have already notified Housing Services of your need to return to campus early. All early arrival students will have keys waiting for them and their rooms will be ready upon their approved arrival date/time. Details will be sent via email from Housing Services and click here for additional information.

Q: I want to return to campus early but don’t want a summer housing assignment, what do I need to do?

A: If you are requesting to arrive to campus before the Fall move in date, and are not living on campus for the summer you must submit an Early Arrival Request. Requests are not guaranteed and arriving to campus early, if approved, may require additional fees from the student. For more information on Early Arrivals click here.