Pull-ins (Room with a Retainer)-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Room with a Resident Who Retained (Pull-Ins)

Do you know someone who is retaining their current room that you'd like to live with? Or, did you retain and now you need to pull in a new roommate? The Pull-in process involves at least two residents - the person who retained and the person who wants to live with them.

Residents who successfully retained their rooms during the Retain Your Room phase must fill any remaining vacancies in the room, suite, or apartment with "pull-ins." A pull-in can be anyone who is eligible to participate in Room Selection who has not already selected an assignment for the 2017–2018 academic year. All roommates within a room, apartment, or suite must be in agreement regarding any roommates being pulled-in to the living area.

Residents being pulled in do not need to start a Room Selection application in advance. Just make sure that your friend who is retaining successfully does so, and then come on the assigned day of the building you are being pulled into - we'll provide instructions then!

For quicker processing, come prepared with your completed Pull-Ins Form and signed Proxy Forms (and copies of CMU IDs) for any residents who aren't able to attend in person.  Read below for more information.

When can I pull-in roommates? Where do I go?

Apartment and House Pull-In Meetings: Friday, February 24, 2:00-6:00 pm
Location: Residence on Fifth lobby
For retainers and pull-ins of Doherty, Fairfax, Margaret Morrison, Roselawn, Shady Oak, Webster, Woodlawn

Residence Hall Pull-In Meetings: Monday, February 27, 2:00-5:00 pm
Location: Residence on Fifth
For retainers and pull-ins of Morewood Gardens, McGill, Resnik House, Welch House, West Wing

If you are unavailable during your assigned building's day, you can come on the other day. Students are encouraged to come as early in the day as possible to avoid a wait time.

The Pull-In Meetings are the only time of the year when pull-ins are guaranteed, so residents should make their roommate decisions carefully!

Who can participate? 

Any resident who is eligible for Room Selection who hasn't already confirmed a housing assignment through an earlier phase of Room Selection is eligible to room with a resident who retained. You must come to the Pull-In Meeting with the person who retained his or her room and wishes to pull you in (or send a Proxy Form). Students who are currently living off-campus are not eligible to be pulled-in.

What is the process? 

Pull-In Option #1: Online Pull-in Request

The online pull-in request is available for students who are retaining and only need to request one pull-in. This option is useful for students in double rooms or for students in triples or suites where everyone else is retaining and only one pull-in is needed to fill the room/suite. 

To request a pull-in through the online application:

  1. All residents of the room, suite or apartment must request the person being pulled in. To make a request, simply enter the person's Andrew ID, last name, and first name into the "Retention Roommate Information" page of the online application (available only after one has successfully retained).
  2. Housing Services will follow up with the person being requested to confirm space availability and to confirm their intent to be pulled in.
  3. If there is space available and the pull-in confirms that they wish to be pulled in, then the assignment will be entered and the pull-in will need to return to the online application to sign their Housing License Agreement and lock in their space.

Pull-In Option #2: In-Person Pull-In Request

Residents who need to pull in more than one person in their room or suite, or who simply wish to handle their pull-in request with the assistance of a Housing Services staff member, should attend the Pull-In Meetings on Friday, February 24, or Monday, February 27, at the Residence on Fifth.

To request a pull-in during the in-person process:

  1. Fill out the Pull-Ins Request/Authorization form - if more than one person in the room, suite, or apartment retained, then designate one person as the proxy and list that person next to the star (*). That person can pull-in roommates on behalf of the group as long as everyone signs the form.
  2. List any residents that you wish to pull in on the second half of the form and have them sign. All pull-ins must be eligible for Room Selection. Students who are not eligible will not be processed.
  3. The proxy and the pull-in(s) must come to the Residence on Fifth on February 24 or 27 with the signed form and all students who are being pulled in must be present (or a signed Proxy Form and copy of the student ID must be presented). Each group will meet with a Housing Services representative individually. 

Consolidation Policy

Residents who retain and do not pull-in roommates to fill all vacancies will be consolidated with other residents in half-filled rooms, suites, or apartments. This means that if you do not pull in roommates to completely fill your space, your final assignment will not be the exact room/suite/apartment that you retained. Residents will either be reassigned to a new room or will be assigned a roommate who also did not pull-in roommates. Your specific room type, room rate, and building that you retained are not guaranteed if you are consolidated - the only way to guarantee this is to fill your space with pull-ins. For example, a resident in a four-occupant Margaret Morrison apartment who does not pull-in three new roommates may be consolidated to another Margaret Morrison apartment, if one is available, or to a half-filled room in another building such as Woodlawn or Morewood Gardens. 

You will be notified via email if you are consolidated. Consolidations will be made solely at the discretion of Housing Services. Additionally, following this phase of Room Selection, any vacancies that become available due to cancellations will be filled by Housing Services exclusively. Residents are not able to pull-in after this phase ends.

NOTE: The only residence hall "suites" are in Resnik and West Wing. Students in these spaces are assigned to a "suite double" or "suite single" room. Other residence halls (i.e. Morewood Gardens, Henderson House, etc.) that have "prime" rooms that share a bathroom with adjoining rooms are not considered suites. Residents in prime double or prime triple rooms can only pull in roommates in that immediate prime room and are not eligible to pull-in roommates into the adjoining prime rooms.