RA/CA Housing-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

RA/CA Housing

Resident Assistant (RA) and Community Advisor (CA) housing spaces are filled through an application process conducted by the Student Life Office.

Students do not need to be eligible for Room Selection in order to apply for an RA or CA position.

Once a student accepts an RA or CA position, he/she will be asked to sign a form acknowledging that his/her room will not be retainable in the future and that he/she will need to sign the Housing License Agreement online. Once the assignments are processed, the RA or CA will need to sign his/her Housing License Agreement through the online Room Selection Application.

Assigned RAs/CAs are not eligible to participate in any future phases of Room Selection. If an RA/CA hire previously retained his/her room, his/her assignment will be changed once the RA/CA placement is received by the Housing Services office.

Some RA/CA room assignments are in multi-occupant suites or apartments. RA/CAs hired for these spaces may be offered the option of pulling in roommates and should follow the process for pull-ins. All roommate pull-ins must occur during pull-ins week; after that time no pull-ins will be permitted. Pull-ins must be eligible for Room Selection, which means they must be current Spring 2016 university housing residents; roommates cannot be pulled in from off-campus housing.

Questions regarding RA/CA selection should be directed to the Office of Residential Education.