Open Assignments-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Open Assignments

Housing Services utilizes the Open Assignments process to respond to fluctuations in housing occupancy. Students who select an Open Assignment are guaranteed university housing for the 2017–2018 academic year, but may not know the exact location of the assignment during the Room Selection process.

Current first-year students should anticipate the possibility of receiving an Open Assignment. Residents who select or receive an Open Assignment will fill out an online form that allows you to rank your preferred buildings and room types. Housing Services uses this information when making your permanent assignment based on your preferences and available vacancies.

Important Information

  • Residents can opt to select an Open Assignment even if vacancies currently remain in other buildings. Oftentimes, residents with Open Assignments receive a housing assignment they prefer more than the options that were available during General Room Selection. 
  • An Open Assignment guarantees you a housing assignment for the 2017–2018 academic year. However, an assignment in a particular building or for a particular room type is not guaranteed.
  • Students with Open Assignments will be assigned to permanent spaces in the order of their class standing and General Room Selection number, as spaces become available. Many spaces open up during the Open Cancellation period.
  • Residents who receive an Open Assignment will need to sign their Housing License Agreement once they receive a assignment. Once signed, you are committed to housing for the 2017–2018 year. 
  • Open Assignments can be canceled during the Open Cancellation period just like any other 2017-2018 academic year housing assignment.
  • Spaces that open up during Open Cancellation could be in any residence hall or apartment. Residents with Open Assignments are encouraged to keep their options open. Every effort will be made to house you in one of your preferred buildings but cancellations dictate where spaces open up.  
  • After confirming your permanent assignment, you have the option of requesting a room change. In many instances, with an Open Assignment, you may have a better chance at some spaces than students who participated in Room Selection before you.
  • If a resident isn't happy with his or her open assignment offer, he or she can decline the offer and cancel their housing agreement within the three-day response window without any penalty, even if the offer was made after the Open Cancellation period ends.