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Block Housing

Block Housing is a phase of Room Selection that allows groups of friends or residents to select a "block" of apartments or rooms near each other in Fairfax Apartments, Webster Apartments, Shady Oak Apartments, and Morewood Gardens. There will also be one eight-person block in Margaret Morrison and one eight-person block in Resnik House (both of these options are available for one year only, and will be non-retainable during Room Selection 2018.) Block Housing is a great way to live with a group of friends! Current first-year students are especially encouraged to participate.

Who can participate?

Any Room Selection resident who is eligible who has not yet selected a housing assignment for the 2017–2018 academic year may participate in Block Housing. 

When are Block Housing deadlines?

Block Housing applications are due by 12 pm on Monday, February 27, 2017. Block Housing selection is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, March 1 and 2, 2017, depending on the Block Housing selection number your group receives. Group representatives will be notified of their specific selection date, time, and location. Groups meet with Housing Services for approximately 15 to 30 minutes and the Block Leader selects the room assignments for his/her block members. Block Housing applications are completed online, but Block Housing selection takes place in person at the Residence on Fifth Housing Office.

How do you apply for Block Housing?

  • Each member of the block must start and complete the Academic Year 2017–2018 Room Selection application.
  • Select "Block Housing" on the "Process Selection Page."
  • Add yourself to the Block Housing group (once it has been set up by the Block Leader).
  • Complete the "Confirm Process" step to lock in the Block Housing application.

Watch the "How To Apply for Block Housing" video

Important Info about Block Housing

  • Block housing groups must consist of at least six members but no more than 12. Smaller sized groups (6 to 8 members) and groups with an even number of members will find more blocks available to them during Block Housing selection.
  • All members of a block housing group must be eligible to participate in Room Selection 2017 - off-campus students are not eligible to be part of a block.
  • Each block housing group must designate a Block Leader — this person will set up the Block Housing group on the housing portal, will be responsible for getting all of the block members to add themselves, and will need to "verify" the group online once everyone has added themselves to the group.
  • Students applying for Block Housing should not retain their current room. Block housing members who participate in the retention process will not be eligible to participate in the Block Housing process.
  • All "blocks" will be located in the following buildings: Fairfax Apartments, Webster Apartments, Shady Oak Apartments, and Morewood Gardens.
  • All applications must be submitted by 12 pm (noon) on February 27, 2017.
  • Blocks are identified by Housing Services after the room retention and pull-ins process.
  • The Block Leader will be the main contact between the group and Housing Services. The Block Leader will be notified of the selection date and time for the group and will be responsible for selecting a block of rooms and making specific room assignments on behalf of his/her group. The Block Leader can send someone else in his/her place to select if he/she has class during the designated selection time.
  • Groups can consist of both men and women. However, if men and women are opting to reside together in the same apartment, additional regulations apply. A mixed gender apartment falls under the guidelines of Gender Inclusive Housing. Students should be familiar with the Gender Inclusive Housing policies and the Gender Inclusive Housing Financial Responsibility Acknowledgment form will need to be signed and submitted before Gender Inclusive Housing assignments are finalized. Block Leaders should bring these signed forms to their selection meeting time. Students opting for Gender Inclusive housing should also be aware that there can be significant financial ramifications if one of your roommates moves out of a Gender Inclusive designated space. Gender Inclusive housing is not available in Morewood Gardens.
  • Groups are required to completely fill any apartments or rooms that they occupy – no half-filled rooms will be permitted. For example, a group of six residents selecting in Webster Apartments could choose between three double occupancy apartments or two triple occupancy apartments. A group of seven would be limited to a block consisting of two double occupancy apartments and one triple occupancy apartment. Sometimes "pick-up" spaces are available for groups with uneven numbers. Pick-up spaces are spaces that are in half-filled rooms due to only one resident retaining.
  • Block housing groups are not required to select a block of rooms during this process if there are no blocks of rooms available that they are interested in. If the Block Leader is not able to identify a block of rooms that meets the needs of the entire group, all group members can instead participate in General Room Selection. However, once residents are assigned to a space on Block Housing Selection day, they will not be eligible to participate in General Room Selection.