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Room Selection Policies

Proxy Forms

Housing Services does not want anyone to miss class in order to participate in Room Selection. Since many Room Selection events take place during hours when classes are held, students should have a back-up plan. Students who are participating in an in-person process (such as Room with a Retainer/Pull-ins) can designate a proxy to select in their absence.

  • Retention - Retention is completely online and takes less than five minutes; students should not need a proxy.
  • Room with a Retainer/Pull-ins - Students who are being pulled in must come in person. If you aren't able to attend, please complete a Proxy Form and send someone else in your place.
  • Block Housing - Block Housing group members authorize the Block Housing Representative to serve as their proxy through the Block Housing application process, thus no additional proxy form is required.
  • General Room Selection - Residents participating in General Room Selection with roommates will generally rely on the person with the best selection timeslot to select a room for the group. If that person is unavailable, the person with the next best timeslot can go in at his or her own timeslot and assign the group. Or the person with the best timeslot can go in as soon as he or she is available.
If you have a special situation that you believe requires additional accommodations, please contact rmassign@andrew.cmu.edu.


After the Room Selection process for returning students has concluded, Housing Services will consolidate students without roommates – or whose roommates cancel their reservations – with other students in the same situation, including residents who retained their current rooms. Students will be consolidated within their selected/assigned building and specific room type whenever possible. Every effort will be made to notify the student if this situation occurs. Residents will not have the option to pull in new roommates to fill vacancies that are created by cancellations - these spaces will be filled either through consolidations or with a resident from the Open Assignments list.

If necessary, consolidation will be determined by class standing and Room Selection number (the student with the lowest class standing or Room Selection number will be the person whose assignment is changed). Consolidation will continue over the summer months so that we can successfully assign residents on the room change wait-list, new incoming upper-class students, and first-year student housing needs.

The University may also consolidate students who share similar interests and activities (i.e. smoking) if no compatible roommates exist on the waiting list.

Selecting with a Roommate

Residents should plan to select housing with a roommate. Students can confirm roommates through the Room Selection application using the Roommate Groups options. Due to limited availability of high occupancy spaces, residents are encouraged to limit the size of their roommate group to no more than five residents. Residents who retain their current room or apartment should fill any vacancies in that room through pull-ins. Residents participating in General Room Selection with roommates can be assigned at the best timeslot of the roommates in the group.

Groups of friends who choose to live together generally have a more positive living experience and fewer roommate conflicts than roommates who are randomly assigned to live together. For this reason, we encourage residents to talk to their friends and select spaces together as roommates.

Selecting as an Individual

In order to maximize the number of empty apartments for residents selecting with roommates, residents who are selecting as individuals will have the option to select from either a single room or from spaces in rooms or apartments where there is one space available. If no options are available, you will need to either select an Open Assignment or wait until the Extended Selection phase of online Room Selection when there are no restrictions on needing to fill a room with roommates.  However, you will lose your timeslot priority since any resident with a timeslot who hasn't already selected a room is eligible to select on this day. Students planning to select a double or triple room or apartment should select with a roommate in order to keep the widest range of options available to them.

Smoke Free Living

All residential buildings are designated smoke-free with the exception of Fairfax and Webster Apartments. Residents who are smokers and are selecting an apartment in either of these buildings must pull-in a roommate who is either a smoker or can live with a smoker.

Quiet Living Areas

Welch House, Fairfax Apartments, and Webster Apartments are designated as quiet-living environments.

This designation includes a provision for an extension of the university’s current quiet hours policy to 24 hours. As such, residents will be responsible for ensuring that the noise generated within their apartment or room is not audible at a distance of 10 feet from their apartment or residence hall room. Common courtesy will be expected; residents should respond to any request from a fellow resident to reduce the noise level from their apartment or room, even if already within this guideline.

Summer Housing

Summer housing will be available in at least one residential area during the summer months and students who will be on campus over the summer are encouraged to live in campus housing during this time.  The specific building(s) will be announced late in the spring semester. Residents will be notified once summer housing applications are available.

There is a separate charge and cancellation fee for summer housing.

Winter Break Apartments

Winter break housing for upper-class students is guaranteed in Fairfax Apartments, Morewood Gardens, and Webster apartments. Other buildings are not guaranteed to be open. Residents who need Winter Break housing should plan to select a room in one of the aforementioned buildings.

Street Parking Permits

Residents of Neville Co-op and Shady Oak Apartments are eligible for City of Pittsburgh street parking permits. Verification of residency is available through Housing Services. Contact rmassign@andrew.cmu.edu to request a residency verification. These documents are usually ready within 72 hours and residents will be notified when they are available for pick-up in the Housing Services office.