First-Year Student Info-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Information for First-Year (Rising Sophomore) Students

Room Selection is the process through which all current first-year, sophomore, and junior class residents select their housing assignment for the following academic year.

Don't be overwhelmed by Room Selection! This is an exciting time for you and Housing Services is here to help. The information below applies to first-year students specifically but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact or 412-268-2139.

Room Selection at a Glance for First-Years:

  • First-year students who currently live in university housing are eligible for Room Selection.  
  • First-year students have the option of living in university housing or off-campus for their sophomore year.  Students interested in learning more about off-campus housing should visit our Community Housing Resources page.
  • Room Selection officially begins on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. All students can access the application at this time, to apply for any of the available phases of Room Selection.
  • Eligible first-years can participate in one of the following Room Selection phases: Room With a Retainer (pull-ins), Block Housing, or General Room Selection.
  • First-year students are strongly encouraged to talk to with their RA or CA if they have any questions about Room Selection. There will also be many Information Sessions scheduled in the first few weeks of the spring semester.
  • The majority of First-Year students go through General Room Selection. In order to select a room through General Room Selection, you need to complete your Room Selection Application and select the "General Room Selection" option on the "Process Selection" page of the website.  Visit the Room Selection timeline page for all of the important dates and deadlines.  You must apply by the deadline to receive a timeslot. Your timeslot determines the date and time that you can go online and select your room. 
  • Each year approximately 100 First-Year students selecting on the last day of General Room Selection will receive an Open Assignment.  This simply means that you will fill out an online form giving us your building and room preferences instead of selecting a permanent assignment through online General Room Selection.  Then we will send you your permanent assignment via e-mail once cancellations are processed and spaces open up.