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Find a Roommate

Upper-class students participating in Room Selection are strongly encouraged to select a room with a roommate. Residents participating in Room Selection will have the opportunity to create a roommate profile and can browse and message potential roommates. Once roommates decide that they want to live together, they will need to set up a Roommate Group and add themselves to the group.

Residents can also browse for potential roommates, view compatability matches, and message back and forth through the Room Selection application. Residents have the ability to hide their information from the roommate search functionality through the Room Selection application if they do not want to be part of the roommate search feature.

Why Is It Important for Me to Find My Own Roommate?

The majority of upper-class students sign up for housing with a roommate, and your Room Selection options are much greater when you select a roommate. Many students without a roommate will need to select an Open Assignment and then wait for us to assign them to a room.

For students who are retaining

If you retain your room and don't pull in a roommate (or roommates) to completely fill all of the vacancies in your space, then you will likely be consolidated out of your retained space and into a different room, apartment, or suite. If you want to retain your room and not be consolidated elsewhere, be sure to pull-in roommates of your choosing.

Here's an example: If you currently live in a Roselawn House single, and you choose to retain your single but don't pull in any roommates, then you will be consolidated. When making consolidations, we always try to consolidate within building type and room type, but that's not always possible. So if there are no empty single rooms in any of the other Roselawn houses that are also half-filled, then you may be consolidated into a double room. Or if all of the other Roselawn houses are filled with pull-ins and there are no other half-filled houses to consolidate you to, then you will likely be assigned to a completely different building. Don't take this chance! If you're planning to retain and you don't have roommates in mind, talk to your friends, neighbors, classmates, etc.  Hopefully you'll find some new housemates in no time!

For students who are participating in General Room Selection

During online General Room Selection, you will generally have more room options available if selecting with a roommate than you would if you were selecting by yourself.  This is because the majority of our rooms are double or triple rooms. For example, if you are part of a group of three, during General Room Selection you can choose from any of the available three-occupant spaces, such as a prime triple in Morewood or a triple apartment in Doherty. If you are by yourself and there are no single rooms available, you will either need to wait until Extended Selection, select an Open Assignment or fill a half-filled room, if one is available.

If you don't have a roommate, your options are more limited. For example, if you wanted a prime triple in Morewood but you don't have two other roommates, then the system will not allow you to select an empty triple room. You will have to select from a limited number of half-filled rooms or wait until Extended Selection. In some cases when filling a space in a half-filled room, there may only be one or two room options in your preferred building to chose from, if there are any at all. Additionally, you will be paired up with a roommate not of your choosing.

Residents selecting by themselves will also have the option of signing up for an Open Assignment. This is a great option for students who don't have a requested roommate and are willing to be assigned to spaces as they open up during the Open Cancellation period. In many cases, student with Open Assignments receive better assignments in more preferred buildings than they would have had they selected an available space during General Room Selection (although this is not always the case, and not guaranteed).

Finally, just remember that even if you were planning on selecting through General Room Selection, you may find a great roommate by browsing the profiles through the application. Sometimes students are retaining and looking for roommates to pull in. Use the Roommate Browse option and Roommate Connections Database with an open mind - you just might find your future roommate!