Residents with Special Needs-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

For Residents with Special Needs

Students who have special housing needs, whether for medical, psychological, or other reasons, may be eligible to receive special accommodation during the Room Selection process. (Residents must already be eligible for Room Selection).

All students requesting special needs housing accommodations must have a medical recommendation on file through the Office of Health Services. Students should meet with Health Services directly, who will then notify Housing Services if there is a recommendation for accommodation.

If you are not sure if you have a medical recommendation for a housing accommodation on file, please contact Housing Services at

Please read the following scenarios and decide which one best describes your current situation:

  1. If your current housing assignment meets your medical recommendation and your room is retainable, you should retain your room during the Retention process, which begins on February 22 and ends on February 24 at 12 pm (noon).
  2. If your current housing assignment is not retainable and you have a current medical recommendation for air-conditioning, then you can select your housing assignment through any of the Room Selection processes. All of the residence halls and apartment buildings that house upper-class residents either have air-conditioning or can accommodate a window unit - no special assignment accommodations are made for air-conditioning needs.
  3. If your current housing assignment is not retainable and you have a current medical recommendation on file for accommodations other than air-conditioning, you should contact to inquire about your Room Selection options. Based on your specific need, the room assignments staff will assist you.  We will typically assign you manually prior to the General Room Selection phase, to a space that meets your needs.
  4. If your current housing assignment is retainable but does not meet your medical recommendation that is on file with Health Services, contact before February 13, 2017, to inquire about your assignment options. Housing Services will be happy to assist.