Students Currently Off-Campus-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Students Not Currently Residing in University Housing

Students who are currently living off-campus or are returning from a leave of absence or academic suspension are not able to participate in the Room Selection process (except students who are applying for and are hired as an RA or CA or for approved study abroad students).

However, individuals in these categories who want to live in university housing can complete the housing waitlist application through the housing portal. The application system automatically knows which application each student is eligible to fill out, so students should select the "Academic Year" application option and will then be directed to the appropriate waitlist application. (Submitting a housing waitlist application does not make one eligible for Room Selection.)


Important Information about the Housing Waitlist Application Process:

  • Students are encouraged to submit an application as soon as they know that they will need housing for any given semester. The application for the 2017-2018 academic year waitlist will not be available until February 22, 2017. Assignments are offered to applicants in order of application date.
  • In most cases, assignments are offered during the summer months after Room Selection, room changes, and first-year assignments are complete. This usually occurs in late July. However, we will send out offers as soon as they become available, as early as April if space is available.
  • All efforts are made to assign applicants to one of their preferences. If none of the listed preferences are available, we will still contact you with an offer of a different available space to consider. You are always able to decline the offer.
  • Housing Services will send occasional updates during the summer regarding the status of wait-list applications. However, applicants are always welcome to inquire about their status at any time.