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Current First-Year, Sophomore, and Junior Residents

As long as you are:

A first-year, sophomore, or junior class resident and currently residing in university housing during the months of February and March of the Spring 2017 semester, then you are automatically eligible to participate in Room Selection. You can participate in any phase of Room Selection that is available to you. Once you select a housing assignment through a specific phase of Room Selection, you will no longer be eligible to participate in other phases.

Your class standing for Room Selection is based on the class level listed in Student Information Online.  To view this in SIO, go to Academic Info, Enrollment Status, and then Class Level (see screen shot below). If the class level listed is something other than what you expected it to be, please talk to your academic advisor or department. Housing Services is not able to change class levels. The class level determines when you'll be able to select a room during online General Room Selection so it's important that this be correct!

SIO Class Level

First-year residents and retention

Most first-year students live in designated first-year housing, so they are not eligible to retain their current housing assignments. This includes first-year students who are assigned to upper-class buildings or rooms. This decision was a result of recommendations from the Room Assignments Task force - a group comprised of students, Housefellows, and staff - in an effort to create a level playing field for all current first-year students.