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Housing Cancellations

New cancellation policies are in place for the 2017-2018 Academic Year - please read this page carefully!

The Open Cancellation period is the opportunity students have to cancel their housing agreement without significant financial penalty. After the Open Cancellation period ends, students are only permitted to cancel their housing assignments if they are leaving the university for an approved reason (more details below), with a $400 Housing Cancellation Fee that applies. Students who decide to leave the university after the Open Cancellation period has ended will still be responsible for paying the $400 Housing Cancellation Fee even if they will not be a student for the Fall 2017 semester.

What You Should Know about Cancellations

The Open Cancellation Period begins Monday, March 13, 2017, and runs through Friday, April 7, 2017, at 12 p.m. noon. The link to the cancellation form will be available here and the Room Selection homepage when the open cancellation period begins.

Before canceling your 2017–2018 housing license agreement, please remember:

  •    Housing cancellations are final — if you cancel and then later change your mind, you'll have to reapply through a non-guaranteed housing wait list.
  •    You will receive - and must keep - your cancellation confirmation email.
  •    Your space will be filled with a new resident assigned by Housing Services - pull-ins are not permitted once Room Selection ends.

How To Cancel Your Housing Agreement

Housing cancellations are granted to students who participated in Room Selection and cancel their housing assignments within the timeline of the Open Cancellation Period (March 13 through April 7, 2017).  If you are canceling during this timeframe, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the "Cancel Agreement" text on the upper right-hand side of the page — this will take you to the cancellation form.
  2. Click on the "Cancel Agreement" button.
  3. Log-in to your Andrew email to verify that you received a cancellation confirmation email — if you did not receive a confirmation email, your cancellation did not go through.
  4. Residents who do not request a cancellation before 12 pm on April 7, 2017, will be held responsible for all housing costs. This includes residents who sign a housing contract or confirm an Open Assignment after April 7.
  5. Residents who have signed a Housing License Agreement for 2017-2018 academic year through campus housing should not sign leases for off-campus apartments after April 7, 2017. University housing contracts are for the full academic year (both the fall and spring semesters).

Important Dates

March 13, 2017, through April 7, 2017 (at 12 pm noon) — Cancellation of housing assignment with a full refund of housing charges and no Housing Cancellation Fee. Residents who cancel during this phase will not be billed for any Fall 2017 housing charges.

After April 7, 2017 (at 12:00 pm) — Cancellation of housing assignment will only be granted to students who are leaving the university due to leave of absence, withdrawal, academic suspension or studying abroad. Residents who are approved to cancel for these reasons after April 7 will be charged a Housing Cancellation Fee in the amount of the $400. This charge will be billed to the Fall 2017 student account in July. Even students who will not be enrolled at Carnegie Mellon for the fall will be responsible for paying the $400 Housing Cancellation fee.

A $200 Housing Cancellation Fee will apply to any resident who is leaving the University for the Spring 2018 semester for an approved reason (leave of absence, withdrawal, academic suspension, studying abroad, graduating, or exchange students returning home.) This $200 fee will be applied to the Student Account at the time of cancellation and students who know they will be leaving for the spring semester (i.e. exchange students or students graduating in December, among others) should plan accordingly to pay this fee as soon as it is posted.

Who Can Cancel Their Housing Assignment?

Any resident who selected a room during Room Selection 2017.  Residents who did not select a room during Room Selection (i.e. you elected to participate in room selection but did not end up coming or selecting a room) do not need to submit a cancellation form — no fees will be charged if a room was not selected.