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Other Housing Options - Greek Housing and Off-Campus Housing

Greek Housing

Greek Housing provides an opportunity for members of fraternities or sororities to live together.  Greek housing rosters and the assignment of rooms is facilitated through the individual Greek chapter.  Likewise, rates for Greek housing and Greek meal plans (where available) are coordinated through the chapter. 

Greek members interested in living in Greek housing should speak to their chapter's President or House Manager.  Greek house rosters are submitted to Housing Services through the Student Life Office.  Greek organizations should begin planning for the next academic year at the start of the spring semester - Greek roster for the upcoming academic year are due just prior to Room Selection, to prevent any residents from signing up for two spaces (one in Greek housing and one in university housing.)

Greek residents currently living in Greek lease houses are eligible to participate in Room Selection if they wish to move back into on-campus housing. They are eligible to be pulled in by other Room Selection eligible residents and can participate in Block Housing or General Room Selection.

Off-Campus Housing

Although we believe strongly in the value provided to students by living on-campus, many students enjoy the independence and convenience that is afforded by living on their own in an apartment or house in one of the communities surrounding Carnegie Mellon.  Housing Services provides some limited resources to individuals interested in pursuing off-campus housing through our Community Housing Services.  Please remember that once you move out of campus housing, your on-campus housing guarantee is forfeited.  Students who have chosen to move off-campus who wish to return to campus housing at any later point will NOT be eligible to participate in any phase of Room Selection, and will need to apply for housing through the Housing Waitlist process.

Community Housing Services

Housing Services provides resources to students, faculty and staff looking for off-campus housing through our Community Housing Services web site.  By clicking on the "Off-Campus Listings" link found on the Community Housing site, students can search through off-campus housing listings that are posted by area landlords and management companies interested in renting to Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff.  All members of the Carnegie Mellon community with an @andrew.cmu.edu email address are eligible to register for the site.