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Room Changes and Swaps

The Room Change Waitlist process is officially open for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Upper-class students who applied for the room change waitlist following Room Selection 2017 or over the summer do not need to reapply - your application will carry on to the academic year waitlist.

Please keep in mind a few things:

  • Room change offers are made to the next person on the waitlist for that particular building and room type
  • There is limited availability of available spaces, particularly early in the fall semester; please be aware that room change offers will come slowly
  • First-year residents are limited to only requesting first-year buildings; upper-class residents are limited to only requesting upper-class buildings
  • The waitlist for single room tends to be an extremely long with a very small number of single rooms opening up - it is not unusual for a student wanting on single rooms to be on the waitlist for the entire academic year without a room change offer

Click here to access the 2017-2018 Room Change Waitlist Form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Room Changes and Swaps

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