Morewood Makerspace-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Morewood Makerspace

The Morewood Makerspace is designed as a beyond-the-classroom learning environment created by engineering everyday living spaces to invoke learning while passing by, socializing, studying, attending meetings and programs, dining, and simply living in Morewood Gardens.

Makerspaces A and B are meant to inspire interdisciplinary engagement through research and creative practices that merge technology and the arts, including concentrations like game design, animation and special effects, media design, sound design, learning media design, entrepreneurship for creative industries, intelligent environments, and physical computing. Housing Services has partnered with IDEATE (Integrative Design, Arts & Technology Network at CMU) to create these makerspaces within Morewood Gardens. 

Additionally, new Morewood community spaces include:

  • Two music studios
  • Quiet study room
  • Reservable multifunctional space
  • Open study areas
  • Fitness room with yoga mats
  • Programmatic community kitchen

Makerspace inventory now available for check-out! 

A wide array of inventory is available to check out for students use in the Makerspace.  Training provided by Environmental Health and Safety is required to use power drills and soldering equipment. Click here for a complete list of inventory available. Please see the Makerspace desk attendant at the front desk of Morewood Gardens to check out equipment. You will need your Andrew ID and the staff member will check your safety training credentials based upon requested equipment.

The Creative Corner Laser cutter is now available!

A Rabbit RL-60-9060 laser engraving/cutting machine will be available to use in the Creative Corner. Fire extinguisher training provided by Environmental Health and Safety and educational classes are a pre-requiste to use the equipment. Currently students are permitted to cut wood and the Creative Corner is available everyday 8am - 10pm.  Please see a Makerspace Desk Attendant to use the equipment.  

Laser Cutter

  • Laser Cutter is now available!