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Residence Halls

Residence halls are conveniently located on campus near classes, dining facilities, fitness centers, events, libraries and more. Most students live in residence halls and enjoy the convenience of the close proximity to campus. Other conveniences include wireless networking, housekeeping for common areas, such as widely-shared bathrooms, kitchens, lounges and hallways, nearby parking (additional fees apply) and block housing for students who wish to be nearer to one another.

Residence Hall Rooms

  • Grouped and priced by occupancy (number of students per room by design) and classification (standard, prime and suite)
  • Singles, doubles, triples and quads are available (first-year students are rarely assigned to singles or quads)
  • Classification primarily based on bathroom privacy although other criteria may also be involved
  • No in-room cooking facilities
  • Standard rooms share a large, central bathroom facility. Most first-year students are assigned to standard rooms.
  • Prime rooms generally share a private or semi-private bathroom with no more than five students; typically two rooms will be adjoined by a bathroom or two rooms off the same entranceway will share a bathroom.
  • Suite-style rooms share a semi-private bathroom as well as a common living area. First-year students are rarely assigned to this accommodation because of the high demand by returning students.
Carnegie Mellon Residence Halls