Carnegie Mellon University

Living Communities (First-year students)

Carnegie Mellon University offers a number of Living Communities for incoming first-year students. Living Communities may or may not have programmatic components associated with the lived experience. 

Explore some of the Living Community options below:

Location: Henderson House

Open to: Any incoming first-year student interested in a wellness-focused and substance-free lifestyle

Eligibility criteria: Residents who wish to live in Henderson Wellness should rank Henderson as their top housing community choice.

Description: The objective of the Wellness House in Henderson is to add a holistic health promotion model to the traditional residence hall setting. The wellness housing program is student-driven in all of its programmatic initiatives.

Participants who apply and are accepted into the program agree to the following:

  • Commit to a wellness-focused community environment
  • Participate in health education initiatives provided in Henderson and elsewhere on campus
  • Assist staff in evaluating the health promotion efforts of the program and make suggestions to further promote wellness strategies for the campus and Henderson community
  • Abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs as a part of a healthy lifestyle
Location: Welch House

Open to: All first-year students

Eligibility criteria: Any incoming first-year student is eligible to request quiet living options. Students requesting this option should rank Welch as their top building preference. Students will be selected based on their randomly generated assignments lottery number.  Residents who are requesting a specific roommate should make sure that their roommate also requests quiet living and rank Welch as their top choice.

Description: Quiet living communities offer students a formal, concentrated quiet environment. All residents who request quiet living are required to abide by the 24-hour quiet hours policy that is enforced in all quiet living areas.  As such, residents will be responsible for ensuring that the noise generated within their apartments or residence hall room is not audible at a distance of ten feet from their apartment or residence hall room and judicial sanctions may be applied for students who fail to maintain a quiet living environment.