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Spend your summer with us.

Summer housing is available for Carnegie Mellon students who are attending summer school or for Carnegie Mellon students affiliated with the university who require housing for a period equivalent to a summer school session. Summer housing will be offered in Shady Oak Apartments, the Residence on Fifth and the Highlands Apartments dependent on time of summer and room type.

Accommodations will primarily be in double and triple rooms and students will be assigned based on application date. Singles will be available, but will be limited based upon availability. Students who have special needs should mark their housing application appropriately and get in touch with the corresponding office as noted. Other accommodations will be made if necessary. The minimum period of time a student can apply for housing is one summer school session.

For information on important dates, rates and the summer housing application, please read Summer Housing Procedures and Policies and the 2019 Summer Housing License Agreement (pdf)

By submitting your Summer Housing application, you agree to all of the procedures and policies. It is recommended that you thoroughly read and understand the information provided on this webpage and within the Summer Housing License Agreement. If you have any questions, email Housing Services or call 412-268-2139. 

Apply for Summer Housing

The summer housing application will be available in mid-March 2019, through the Housing Portal.

Summer Housing 2019 Important Dates (tentative & subject to change)

  • Session 1 & Full Summer Move-in: Sunday, May 26, 2019
    • Applicants who do not currently live in housing or live in early summer occupancy buildings: Saturday, May 18, 2019 (classes begin on Monday, May 20, 2019)
  • Session 1 Move-Out: Saturday, June 29, 2019
  • Session 2 Move-in: Sunday, June 30, 2019
  • Session 2 & Full Summer Move-Out: Saturday, August 10, 2019


  • Summer housing accommodations will be located in:
  • Full Summer (May 20, 2019-August 10, 2019):
      • Shady Oak: Apartment Doubles, Studio Doubles, Apartment Singles
      • Highlands: Apartment Singles - a single bedroom within a multi-bedroom apartment; common space (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) will be shared with other residents
  • Session 1 Only (May 20, 2019-June 29, 2019):
  • Session 2 Only (June 30, 2019-August 10, 2019):
  • Students that have special needs should contact University Health Services to receive other accommodations if warranted and approved.
  • Assignments will be made based upon application date and availability of preferences.
  • Every effort is made to fulfill designated roommate requests.
  • Roommates will be assigned to individuals who have not identified a roommate.
  • Students will be emailed with their summer housing assignment, moving, and key access information between May 20-24 for full summer and Session One only residents, or June 24-28 for Session Two only residents. Students are to remain in their spring housing assignment until details are provided on when they will be able to move into their summer assignment.
  • Current students living in a building that will be used for summer housing that wish to stay for the summer must fill out a Summer Housing Application. Every attempt will be made to keep residents in their current spaces, or within that same building if possible.
  • Students who apply for Session One initially and then decide to extend their stays will be required to move to a different building/room for Session Two. 
  • If you are staying in a full summer space and your roommate decides to depart after the end of Session One, you will receive a new roommate for Session Two. Residents are expected to keep all of your belongings on your side of the room and have the room in a clean condition. Cleaning staff will be in to clean the vacant part of your room the weekend of June 29/30. If the room is in disarray, a charge of $200+ for extra cleaning will be applied to your student account.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Summer residents should expect maintenance and deep cleaning to be performed in their rooms during the course of the summer.
  • Summer residents may be required to relocate in order for Housing Services to perform large scale projects and deep cleaning in Summer Housing buildings. If this is necessary, students will be notified in advance of such work.

Terms and Conditions

It is understood and agreed that Carnegie Mellon Housing Services (the University) grants to this applicant (the student) the right, license and privilege to occupy and use the assigned accommodations for the period specified. The student is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this document and those pertinent rules and regulations detailed in the 2019 Summer Housing License Agreement (pdf)Housing policies, the Undergraduate catalog and any other additional conditions promulgated by the University from time to time. (During the summer it is expected that maintenance work may require the relocation of summer residents.)

The entire occupancy fee shall be due and payable by the student on the dates listed in room rates and cancellation section. Where such prepayment is not feasible, terms for settlement of monies due must be arranged by the student with Enrollment Services (the HUB) prior to the assumption of occupancy. Failure to make such arrangements may result in denial of residence. All students with a student account at the University will have their accounts charged for summer occupancy.

Violation by the student of the terms and conditions stated herein or those of the previously cited sources will result in whatever disciplinary and punitive action the University feels is reasonable and warranted.

By submitting an application for summer housing, students agree that they have read and will abide by all the information and policies outlined above and any others published to them by the University or Housing Services during their stay.

Room Rates and Payment Schedule

  • Payment for summer housing is charged to Carnegie Mellon University student accounts only.
  • Session One charges (if applicable) will be billed to your student account by June 1. Session Two charges (if applicable) will be billed by July 12. 
  • Summer accommodations must be cleared of all personal belongings and left in a clean condition. Students who fail to leave their room in this manner will be charged a minimum cleaning fee of $200+. If any damage has been incurred, subsequent damage charges will be billed to the student.
  • Summer Housing room charges are listed below and on the Summer Housing online application for reference.

Full Summer Rates

May 20, 2019 - August 10, 2019

Building Location Room Type Summer Housing Rate
Highlands Apartment Single* $3,116
Shady Oak Apartments Apartment Single $3,116
Shady Oak Apartments Apartment Double $2,460
Shady Oak Apartments Studio Double $2,214
*The Highlands Apartments single is a single bedroom within a multi-bedroom apartment; common space (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) will be shared with other residents.

Individual Sessions Rates

Session One, May 20, 2019 - June 29, 2019

Building Location

Room Type

Summer Session 1 Rate

Residence on Fifth  (*medical need only) Apartment Single $1,520
Residence on Fifth Apartment Triple $1,080
Residence on Fifth Studio Double $1,080

Session Two, June 30, 2019 - August 10, 2019

Building Location

Room Type

Summer Session 2 Rate

Residence on Fifth  (*medical need only) Apartment Single $1,558
Residence on Fifth Apartment Triple $1,107
Residence on Fifth Studio Double $1,107

Cancellation Polices

  • If you no longer need summer housing, please cancel your housing application through the Housing Portal or by emailing Room Assignments
  • Summer Session One and Full Summer assignments will be offered the week of May 20. Summer Session Two assignments will be offered the week of June 24.  When offered the assignment, you will have an opportunity to accept or decline.
  • If you accept the assignment, you will be billed for the summer housing assignment. If you decide to cancel your summer housing assignment at a later date, you will need to make your request by emailing Room Assignments. Cancellations will not be accepted for Session One after May 20 and for Session Two after June 30.

Spring Assignment to Summer Session One

Move-over to Summer Housing accommodations for residents staying for Summer Session One is dependent upon the vacancies and cleaning of the summer buildings. For this reason, residents should not make plans to move until contacted by Housing Services. Moves will occur as spaces become available.
  • All Summer Housing residents must move out of their spring assignment on the specified moving date as assigned by Housing Services.
  • Students can anticipate moving on Sunday, May 26, 2019.
  • Do not leave campus before moving into your summer assignment. Residents who leave campus before moving into their summer housing are subject to a "per hour" moving charge if Housing Services is required to bag left over items in a living space. Housing Services is not responsible for bagged items. (Average charge is $200 and depends on the amount of time required to completely bag the items in the living space.)
  • Residents currently in university housing and moving into Summer Housing for Summer Session One receive an automatic extension to their current room. They are permitted to remain in their Spring 2019 assignment until their official summer move-over date as assigned by Housing Services.
  • All rooms must be cleared of all personal belongings and left in a clean condition.

Leaving Summer Session One

Students only attending Session One are required to move out of Summer Housing by 12 p.m. on Saturday, June 29, 2019. Any hard keys and laundry cards (if applicable) must be returned to The Residence on Fifth front service desk or charges will be issued to students accounts for lost keys and lock re-cores.

Moving into Summer Session Two

Students attending only Session Two can expect to move into their Summer Housing assignment on Sunday, June 30 after 12 p.m.. Additional details will be provided in email correspondence.

Leaving Summer Session Two

Summer Housing residents leaving after Session Two are required to move out of Summer Housing by 12 p.m. on Saturday, August 10, 2019.*

*If the student has an on-campus Fall 2019 assignment, dates/times of moving into that space will be coordinated via email through the Summer Assignments Staff at the beginning of August. Residents will not have a gap in their stay. Please understand some spaces may not be ready on August 11 due to Conference Guests and facility work. If this is the case, you will be held in your summer space until your fall space is ready to be occupied. We ask that summer residents do not make arrangements to leave campus BEFORE they move into their fall assignment. Otherwise, Housing will bag the student's items and the student will be charged at minimal $200 depending upon on the amount of time required to bag the items in the living space. Housing Services is not responsible for bagged and moved items.

All hard keys and laundry cards issued for summer housing are expected to be returned the front desk at the Residence on Fifth upon check-out.

  • At time of check out, an envelope will be provided for the key return by the desk attendant. Please complete the information requested on the envelope and you will receive a receipt of the return for your records.
  • If a key or laundry card is not returned, the student will be billed to their student account up to $170 for a recore of the lock and/or replacement of laundry card.

Q: What if I am living off-campus for the Fall 2019 semester but my lease doesn't start until after August 10th, when Summer Housing ends?

A: Due to preparing for Fall semester student arrivals and needing to clean spaces, all summer students not moving into campus housing for the fall must be moved out by August 10th at noon. Students with off-campus leases starting after August 10th are responsible for acquiring their own short-term or temporary accommodations elsewhere. 

Q: If I live in a building that is being used for summer housing during the Spring 2019 semester can I just stay in my room for the summer?

A: All students must apply for Summer Housing, even if your building is open for summer. If you live in one of our summer residence halls/apartments and wish to stay for the summer, we will try our best to allow you to stay in your space. Please note that some maintenance work and deep cleaning will need to occur in the summer – so some rooms may not be available to stay in and cleaning will need to happen. If this is the case, we will notify you of your need to move.

Q: Can graduate students or doctorate students live in Summer Housing?

A: Yes, anyone who is a current CMU student, at any level, can apply and live in Summer Housing. We would be happy to have you!

Q: I am living on campus for Summer Session 2, which ends August 10th, but my upper-class move in date is not until August 22nd.  Where do I live during the interim?

A: Summer students moving to campus housing for the fall will be assigned a move date to move into fall assignment, based on when it is ready for occupancy. You will not have a gap in your housing. You will be contacted at the beginning of August regarding your move-in to your Fall 2019 assignment. You are not required to find alternative accommodations for the period of time between summer Session 2 and fall move-in.

Q: I requested to live in a double space but don’t have a preferred roommate. Will I get my own room?

A: No. The majority of summer housing residents will be assigned to double rooms, and those without a preferred roommate will be assigned a roommate by Housing Services.

Q: My flight home isn't until June 1st but spring move out is May 15th. Can I stay in Summer Housing just for two weeks? How much would that cost?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot assign Summer Housing for less than one summer school session. We also cannot allow students to stay in the spring assignment past May 15th because of conference guests using those spaces and cleaning/maintenance work being done. Students are responsible for finding their own short-term arrangements.

Q: I am taking summer classes during Session Two and after my finals I want to go home for a week, but don’t want to bring everything with me. Can I just leave my stuff in my summer room? Or move into my fall room early?

A: Due to needing to clean the rooms after summer move out and before fall move in, we cannot allow students to leave behind their belongings in their summer room or drop off their belongings into their new room for Fall 2019. As a general rule, students cannot leave their belongings behind while traveling, and thus should make arrangements to take their belongings with them or find alternative storage options. Housing Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Q: I am returning to campus early due to an on-campus club/activity (orientation counselor, resident advisor, football player, etc.). How do I get my keys and when will my room be ready?

A: If you are part of a group that has on-campus commitments your advisor/supervisor should have already notified Housing Services of your need to return to campus early. All early arrival students will have keys waiting for them and their rooms will be ready upon their approved arrival date/time. Details will be sent via email from Housing Services.

Q: I want to return to campus early but don’t want a summer housing assignment, what do I need to do?

A: If you are requesting to arrive to campus before the fall move in date, and are not living on campus for the summer, you must submit an Early Arrival Request. Requests are not guaranteed and arriving to campus early, if approved, may require additional fees from the student.