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Greek Move-Out Information

All Greek housing closes on Wednesday, May 17, at 12 pm, unless your house has been approved to stay open for summer housing.

Graduating seniors are permitted to stay until noon on May 22, 2017.

Summer Occupancy

Greek facilities that wish to remain open during the summer period must have a minimum of five (5) residents (who must be members of the Greek organization) occupying the facility at all times during the summer period. Summer residents must be of the same gender identity as the facility’s organization lease holder. April 15 is the deadline to submit request for the facility to stay open for the summer along with the designated House Manager with contact information (e-mail and phone number). The house must submit a summer roster to Housing Services with at least five (5) confirmed member residents as well.

Summer residents must confirm their assignment through the Housing portal by April 15 and summer residents will have to submit their Summer Housing Contract by May 1 to the Housing Services office.

The facility can be rented to students who are not chapter members as long as the student attends Carnegie Mellon, is the same gender of the house, and is in good standing with the University. All Greek organizations must maintain all standards during the summer period as set forth by the Greek organizations lease and the Greek housing policies. Walkthroughs by University staff are permitted through the public spaces without permission or a designated time.


In accordance with the Greek lease, all Greek buildings will be treated for pests during the summer period. This service focuses on the kitchen and basement areas.

Additional service and individual private spaces will be treated as necessary and can be scheduled through an online Maintenance Request.

In order to prepare an area for treatment please move everything at least three feet away from walls, throw out all garbage, put away all food, remove all supplies from kitchen stock room, turn off gas, cover all fryers and clean all surfaces. Any unprepared areas will not be treated.

The Greek Facility Coordinator will communicate with the designated Summer House Manager on scheduling of summer pest control.

Right of Inspection

The Greek organization agrees to permit Carnegie Mellon University or its designees to regularly enter the facility, including private rooms, during normal working hours for the purposes of inspection and maintenance as well as enter the facility at any hour for the purpose of making emergency repairs.


For kitchens to remain open in the facilities that have commercial kitchens, each house must gain approval through the Student Life Office and Housing Services by April 28, 2017. Those houses operating a kitchen will be required to follow a set of expectations that includes the items below. No kitchen will remain open without the proper approvals. Requests to have a kitchen open must be submitted to the Student Life Greek Advisors and your Facility Coordinator no later than April 28, 2017.

For those facilities that have commercial kitchens, each house must maintain a certified cook that will perform all of the cooking in the facility. Individuals other than the cook are NOT PERMITTED to cook in the commercial kitchen.
  • Failure to comply will result in the loss of a permit and subsequent closing of the kitchen by the Allegheny County Health Department and/or Housing Services.
  • Proof of Cook Certification (if not the current cook with certification on file) is due to the Housing Services office before any cooking occurs.
  • Kitchens must be clean and sanitary at all times.
  • The elected representative of the house must maintain the kitchen, pantry and dining areas in such a manner as to be in compliance with current standards set forth by Article III of the Allegheny County Health Department — Food Protection Division.
  • A kitchen permit must be purchased by the Greek organization from the county. This must be renewed every September.
  • If a certified cook cannot be obtained, then the kitchen will be closed for the summer period (gas will be shut off to kitchen and the kitchen will be locked). Entry into a closed kitchen will be considered a community standards violation by Student Life.