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Temporary Housing

Due to the high demand for housing on Carnegie Mellon's campus, we utilize Open Housing Assignments and Temporary Housing in order to accommodate all incoming first-year students and our upper-class students.

Each year, a small number of incoming first-year students are assigned to temporary housing spaces in Donner House and Mudge House, or in lounge space in Morewood E-TowerReduced Rate triple rooms in Donner and Mudge are also options for incoming first-year students.

Morewood E-Tower lounge spaces that are used for temporary housing are set up as many as five residents, if needed, with a bed, desk and dresser available for each resident. Closet space will be shared.

How does Temporary Housing work?

After all other spaces are filled, incoming students with the latest deposit dates (usually May 1 or later) will be assigned to temporary housing.

Usually within the first few weeks of the fall semester, a permanent assignment is identified and the residents are notified of their assignment and asked to select a move date.  We know from past years that a small number of first-year students either decide not to move-in to their housing space, or they choose to leave after the first few weeks, and their vacancies are then used to relocated temporary housing resdients.  Housing Services will coordinate with the student to help move his or her belongings to the new space. While every effort is made to assign temporary housing residents to permanent spaces in first-year areas, that is not always possible.  Temporary residents are not permitted to decline their permanent assignment. However, temporary housing residents who are not happy with their permanent assignment will be given an opportunity to go on the room change wait-list for a more desirable space. 

Is there a discount?

Residents for the 2016-2017 academic year who are assigned to temporary accommodations in Morewood E-Tower for move-in day will receive a discounted rate for the number of days that they are living in temporary accommodations.  Once a permanent assignment is identified, the student account will then be adjusted to reflect the cost of the new room rate, prorated based on the date of the move.  Students are responsible for the cost of their permanantly assigned room.

Temporary housing residents should be aware that many university housing spaces have higher room rates than the "standard double" rate. We are not able to guarantee a specific room rate for your permanent assignment, and residents and families should be prepared for the possibility of a higher room rate than the initial standard double charge.

Can I stay in temporary housing if I like it?

No. All residents assigned to temporary housing will be required to move to a permanent assignment once one becomes available. To make this transition easier, Housing Services assist temporary residents with moving their belongings to their new housing assignment.