Student Information Online-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Student Information Online

Student Information Online (SIO) is where students can view Housing and Dining information, once it is available (usually the first week of July). To view your information, log into Student Information Online.

To view your Housing Assignment, hold your mouse over the "Campus Life" tab, then click on "Housing Assignment."

To view your dining plan, hold your mouse over the "Campus Life" tab, then click on "Meal Plan Assignment."

Housefellow Name and Contact Information

Your Housefellow is the Student Life professional staff member who works with your house community to oversee the residential staff and support all its residents. To view your Housefellow's name and contact information, click the "Resources" tab. Your Housefellow's name will usually be the fourth contact listed and is listed as your "Student Affairs Contact."

Campus Mailing Address

Your Student Mail Code (SMC) is your campus mailing address. Mail or ship all items to this address. (You should not mail or ship anything directly to your residence hall address.)

To view your campus mailing address (SMC), hold your mouse over the "My Info" tab and click on "View and Update My Info." Your campus address will be listed at the bottom of this page.