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Roommate Matching

The room assignments process at Carnegie Mellon is a very personal and intentional process. Many students request roommates using the roommate search functionality within the housing application. For students who do not select their own roommate, our roommate matching program uses the responses from the lifestyle questions in the housing application to match roommates.  Our goal is to maximize the potential for successful roommate relationships.

When matching roommates, we consider a number of factors:

Your Deposit Date — We process room assignments in batches, starting with the students with the earliest deposit dates. If you have an early deposit date, it's pretty likely that your roommate will too.

Your Lifestyle Preferences — On your housing application, you are asked to answer a few questions about your lifestyle. When possible, we try to match you with a roommate who has similar lifestyle preferences as you.

Your Building Preferences — We know that your building preferences are very important to you, so we always try to assign you with a roommate who wants to be in the same buildings as you. Please know that because some buildings are more popular than others, many buildings will fill up before we are able to process your assignment. If this happens, we consider your other preferred buildings. If all of your preferred buildings are filled, we make a decision based on other criteria such as your room type preferences and your roommate's building preferences.

Your Room Type Preferences — While the vast majority of first-year students will be assigned to a double room or apartment, there are a small number of triples and quads available. Due to the popularity of triples and quads, we usually fill these spaces exclusively with students who request them. Likewise, there are only a handful of singles available for first-year students and these usually fill up very quickly.

Your Special Academic Program (if applicable) — If you are part of a special academic group, such as the Science and Humanities Scholars program, you will be assigned with students from that same program.  Outside of these special groups, we do not make any special efforts to match students with roommates from the same academic program.  We believe that it is more important to live with someone who has similiar lifestyle habits, and that living with someone from a different academic program can expand your horizons in terms of friends and campus connections.

Housing Services does not discriminate in any way in regards to roommate matching (race, religion, sexual preference, etc.).

Are You Requesting a Specific Roommate?

If there is a particular person that you would like to live with, make sure to do the following things:

  1. Pay your admissions deposit early.
  2. Trade Andrew IDs and confirm your roommate request. Roommates can request and confirm each other through the Housing Application. In order to request a roommate, both roommates must start a housing application and complete the Roommate Profile step. If your roommate didn't complete this step of the application yet, ask him or her to let you know once it's complete, so that you can go back into the application to request each other.
  3. Get your application in before the May 31 deadline. After May 31, it is unlikely that we will be able to assign you with your requested roommate, even if you both request each other.

Notes about Roommates

  • We always do our best to assign mutually confirmed roommates together, however, roommates are not guaranteed particularly for students with late deposit dates, need special accommodations, or request their roommate late in the application process. 
  • We do not send individual notification emails when roommates leave a room or a new roommate is assigned, as students leave the university and room change frequently.  Residents are encouraged to occasionally check their Housing information in SIO to see if any changes in roommates has occurred.