Assignments Process-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Room Assignments Process

The room assignments process at Carnegie Mellon is a very personal and intentional process. We match roommates in ways to maximize the potential for successful roommate relationships. Also, your housing assignment is based on a number of other factors, including:

  • Your admissions deposit date
  • Your building and room type preferences
  • Your personal/lifestyle preferences
  • Your roommate requests
  • The availability of space in your preferred buildings
  • When you completed your housing application (either before or after the May 31 deadline)

Housing applications are processed beginning June 1, in the order that the admissions office posts your admissions deposit. An early admissions deposit date means that it is more likely that you will be assigned to one of your top five buildings preferences, depending on which buildings you rank.

We do our best to assign roommates who request each other as roommates, as long as you both (1) request each other on your applications, (2) have admissions deposit dates earlier than May 1, (3) and you both submit your complete applications and requests before the May 31 deadline. If all these requirements are met, we should be able to assign roommates together based on the earlier admissions deposit date of the two residents.  We will not be able to assign roommates together if either one of the applicants apply after the May 31 deadline.

Space in the most popular buildings is limited. We make every effort to assign you to one of your preferred buildings, but space limitations do exist, and the most popular buildings fill very quickly.  All of our residential communities are amazing, so keep an open mind about your assignment!

Your Room Assignment

Once you are assigned to a room, you will be able to view your specific room assignment and roommate information through the Now That I'm Enrolling website or through the Student Information Online (under the My Info tab). Assignment information is usually released the first week of July. You will receive an email when your assignment information is available, which will include:

  • Your building name
  • Your room or apartment number
  • The room rate associated with your specific assignment
  • Your roommate's name
  • Your roommate's Andrew e-mail address

Students who submitted their housing application after the May 31 deadline may not receive a housing assignment during this first release and should contact Housing Services to find out the status of their housing application.

Temporary Housing

Students who have late deposit dates (late April and May) may be given an Open Assignment or Temporary Housing. Temporary housing triples are located in Donner House and Mudge House, and five-person rooms are set up in Morewood E-Tower. All residents who receive a room assignment in Donner or Mudge should be aware of the possibility of being assigned a third roommate for the start of the fall semester. Residents assigned to a temporary housing space and the hosts of temporary housing residents will be notified individually.

Room Change Requests

The assignment that you receive is the best possible assignment based on space availablity at the time we processed your housing assignment. First-year housing assignments are processed in order of admissions deposit date and we cannot always accommodate building preferences for students with later deposit dates.

We do not accept/process room change requests for first-year students over the summer. The formal room change process will begin in mid-October or once all first-year students assigned to temporary housing have been assigned a permanent assignment. First-year students who wish to change rooms at that time can submit an application to get on the room change wait-list.