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Community Housing

Our Community Housing services are available to all Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff members.

Our services include our Off-Campus Housing listing site, information about the city of Pittsburgh, and resources for individuals who may be new to renting off-campus housing.


Considering Moving Off Campus?

We want to make sure that you have the information and resources you need to make the best housing decision for your next year of college, a decision that’s as equally exciting as it is important. Carnegie Mellon University encourages students to live on campus for their entire collegiate journey, as we know that the residential experience significantly contributes to academic success, personal development, and graduating on time. At the same time, we recognize that some upper-class students chose to move off-campus. We hope the following resources will be helpful as you make your housing decisions for the next academic year.

Make Sure You Are Asking These Questions

Are you asking your potential landlord questions about the lease, utilities, and other important things to consider? Take a look at this list of important questions.

On-Campus Housing Versus Off-Campus Housing Checklist

The cost of on-campus housing at CMU includes all utilities (gas, electric, water, etc.), amenities (fitness facilities, study space, practice rooms, convenience, etc.), and services (snow removal, cable and Internet, cleaning, maintenance, campus security, etc.). This will not be the case with off-campus housing options. Use this checklist to track additional costs for utilities and amenities beyond monthly rent.

Cost Comparison

The value of an on-campus residential experience cannot be understated. Learning, growing, and discovering take place outside of the classroom as much as it does inside one. We also realize that the cost of a college education, including housing, adds up for both parents and students. Take a look at some cost comparison data for CMU housing rates versus other local universities and off campus housing options.