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The Housing Registry

The Housing Registry is a helpful resource available to members of the Carnegie Mellon community to assist in your search for off-campus housing in the Pittsburgh area. The Community Housing Registry is a free service we provide to our students, faculty and staff that lists local rentals posted directly by area landlords and rental companies. The registry is managed by an independent third-party vendor who is not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon; click the link above to be taken directly to the Housing Registry's website.

To obtain access to the Community Housing Registry:

With an Andrew ID:

Carnegie Mellon community members with @andrew.cmu.edu e-mail address can automatically access the site. Your @andrew e-mail address is your new username, and you will need to request a password to the Housing Registry, which will immediately be e-mailed to you.

Without an Andrew ID:

If you do not have an Andrew ID but are admitted into a graduate or faculty program, you can request a temporary password from the http://pr.housingregistry.us/cmu*. Once you complete all requested information to acquire a temporary password, you should receive your password within one to two business days.

*Please note that you must use an email that ends with .com, .net, etc. to receive a requested temporary password. E-mail addresses that end with a country’s abbreviation or in another format will not receive a temporary password.

Once you receive your password, you may login to the Community Housing Registry and begin your search.

Note: Rentals posted to the Community Housing Registry are to assist Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff in their search for off-campus housing. Housing Services does not guarantee any type of condition or quality of the rentals and encourages all individuals to research the listing they are interested in and to visit the rental property and view a lease before a commitment is made. All arrangements are made between the tenant and the landlords and we do not provide legal advice in any circumstances. Carnegie Mellon Housing Services may deny individual access, or refuse, delete or edit a listing.