Carnegie Mellon University

Welch House

December 19, 2017

What's New in Room Selection?

Mandi Semple
  • Director of Marketing, Student Affairs
  • 412-268-3437

Below are some changes that are being implemented for Room Selection 2018. More updates will be posted as they become known.

Henderson House

Henderson Wellness House will not require an application process during Room Selection 2018. It will be retainable and retaining residents can pull in roommates. Remaining spaces will be filled through General Room Selection. Residents who select Henderson must abide by the wellness theme and maintain a substance-free environment.

Boss House

Prime rooms on the second and third floors of Boss House will be available to upper-class residents during Room Selection. The first floor will remain as designated first-year housing.

Welch House

The first floor of Welch House will become quiet-living housing for first-year students beginning in Fall 2018. Residents who wish to remain in Welch but live on the first floor are welcome to retain, but will be relocated to a comparable space on the second or third floors.