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Alexander Su (DC’05)

Alexander Su (DC’05)

Alexander Su (DC'05) attended Carnegie Mellon University for its strong academic reputation.

But it was the strong friendships he built while in school that cemented the connection to his alma mater.

"As alumni, the rigorous academic environment has helped all of us in our professional careers," he said.

"But more than that, I've formed lifelong relationships with friends who have provided me with invaluable advice in achieving all of my goals — whether in my career or in my personal life."

Now an attorney with consumer rights firm Hagens Berman in Berkeley, Calif., Su studied Decision Science and was fascinated by the coursework.

He was equally involved in student life, particularly the CMU chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon that he helped to found. The first and only national Asian-American interest fraternity, Su wanted to enable longer-term initiatives. He and his friends believed that other Asian-American university organizations, while active, had difficulty sustaining such initiatives due to the annual turnover of leadership.

"My friends and I hoped to leverage the strengths of a Greek letter organization," he said. "Somewhere along the way, we ended up building great friendships and memories that would last a lifetime."

Through his fraternity, Su has remained involved with Carnegie Mellon, enjoying numerous alumni events in the cities where he has lived since graduation.

"No matter where I am, our brothers have always managed to find ways to include me in local gatherings — events in various cities throughout the year where the older alumni can meet the younger alumni and current students," he said. "Through these gatherings, we all remain connected to CMU."

And because of his memorable experience, Su is dedicated to giving back annually to the university and is a Loyal Scot.

"My time at CMU was incredibly rewarding because of the great experiences, the fun memories, and most importantly, the lifelong relationships I made," he said. "Nearly all of my friends feel the same way."

"CMU provided us with an incredible student experience and for that I am extremely grateful," he added. "To me, giving back, whether financially or with my time, is a way of expressing my gratitude."

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