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Molly Walter

Some students dream of entertaining audiences through film, stage or TV. Others want to help children in third world countries learn robotics or computer science. Some believe they will one day find a cure for disease. 

Regardless of how they hope to change the world, thousands of students are grateful that they are able to pursue their dreams at Carnegie Mellon University due in part to the generous gifts of donors.

Molly Walter (DC'12) had a dream to attend Carnegie Mellon. As a kid, she participated in a CMU class about programming — part of the C-MITES program, offering "fun classes for bright kids."

Nearly a decade later, Walter — a cognitive science major — is combining the technical and psychological aspects of problem-solving.

"Cognitive science is about combining technology and the human mind to study how the brain works and how that changes the way we think, problem-solve, and work with artificially intelligent machines," Walter explained.

Her "big dream" is to focus on the neuropsychology of women. 

"After taking the Body Politics course with Lisa Tetrault, I've realized how important women's issues are to me," she said.

"My ultimate goal is to combine the neuropsychology field in cognitive science with women's studies and women's issues," said Walter. "It's a huge aspect of the field that I feel is often overlooked."

Molly's dream to attend CMU was made possible because of the financial aid she received from the university, a portion of which comes directly from donor support.

This week  — as part of the 3rd annual Love a Donor celebration — students like Walter are taking time out of their hectic schedules to "share the love" by thanking the generous philanthropists who've made their CMU education a reality.

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