Devastation in Japan

Japan Tsunami

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Carnegie Mellon University President Jared L. Cohon released the following statement to the university community on March 11, 2011, regarding the catastrophic earthquake in Japan. For more on relief efforts at the university, read about the CMU Disaster Management Initiative's response.

"We extend our deepest condolences to the people of Japan, particularly those who lost loved ones or were harmed in the devastating earthquake and tsunamis that struck the country today.

As always, the Carnegie Mellon community stands ready to help in any way during times of crises.

In fact, members of our Silicon Valley campus are already activating to support disaster response and relief efforts.

We are closely monitoring the impact of the destruction in Japan, the Pacific, and the states and territories in the United States that have been and could be affected.

With many students and faculty who have family in the areas affected, as well as hundreds of alumni, we are reaching out to all of our connections in those regions.

We also are reaching out to our graduate students in Japan and those students who are travelling in the area.

Right now, the news is positive and we hope that these favorable reports continue.

The earthquake, which registered 9 in magnitude, struck 230 miles from Tokyo and is reported to be the fourth largest earthquake in history.

Thousands have been killed and many are still missing.

For students, faculty, staff and alumni who may have family or friends there, the university's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available at any time should you need to talk to someone. CAPS can be reached at 412-268-2922.

Please keep those affected by this global tragedy in your thoughts and prayers."

Google Crisis Response: For those looking for resources, to locate loved ones (see Person Finder in the box on the right) and to make a donation.

Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley’s Disaster Management Initiative (DMI) has been working with various field agencies and first responders to aid relief efforts for the Japan earthquake and pacific tsunamis. Learn more.

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