Conversation with Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes, CEO Forbes Media

Students at Carnegie Mellon University have access to lectures and discussions by some of the most esteemed professionals in the world who visit campus.

Recently, the university hosted a conversation with Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO of Forbes Media.  A widely respected economic prognosticator, author and winner of several prestigious awards, Forbes also writes editorials for each issue of Forbes magazine.

President Jared L. Cohon moderated the Q&A as Forbes provided his perspective on jobs, the economy and politics.

"I think we're at a time when Americans are asking again, and examining again, what is the role of government in this country,'" said Forbes.

Forbes acknowledged that many today, especially younger people, are not adherents to political parties.

"They want principles, and policies that result from those principles. And if one party is seen as flubbing it, they won't hesitate to go elsewhere," he said.

Cohon mentioned the decline of the U.S. workforce and asked Forbes if he was concerned.

"What should concern people is the reluctance of people to hire. They put it off as long as possible. It's abnormal, and people should ask why," said Forbes.

Forbes thinks there should be more discussion on monetary policy, although he calls it "the most boring subject in the world."

"Travel tip: if you ever find yourself in an airplane, in coach, middle seat, on the runway, watching your life pass away, wanting a little bit of elbow room with your seatmates, start talking about monetary policy," Forbes said to a round of laughter from the audience. "But monetary policy is the single biggest drag on the economy today."

Forbes' opinion on the economy: a weak dollar means a weak recovery.

"If cheap money was the way to wealth, Zimbabwe and Argentina would own the world today. It should be a steady measure of value. It's not a partisan thing."

The event was a joint effort by the Center for International Relations and Politics, the Humanities Scholars Program, and Heinz College.

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