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Spotlight on Change

Sierra Publishes Student Posters


Environmental posters created by Carnegie Mellon School of Design students appear in the January 2008 issue of Sierra Magazine. The recent assignment was one of several given by Carnegie Mellon instructor Melissa Cicozi to her Design and Social Change class.

Some students used the opportunity to try to get people to switch to fluorescent light bulbs. Others suggested getting on a bike instead of driving in a car.

"I wanted the students to make viewers feel like one person really can make a difference," said Cicozi, winner of Carnegie Mellon's 2007 Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Advising and Mentoring.

Her new assignment for this year's class is zeroing in on grocery shoppers at a Giant Eagle store in Pittsburgh. Students are being asked to create poster designs that convey the importance of reusable shopping bags.

"The goal of this project is to encourage shoppers to actually use their reusable shopping bags," she said. "Giant Eagle wants powerful messages to hang in their stores. The messages might even be printed on the bags themselves."

Cicozi envisions bags that look so cool people will want to take them everywhere — even to the mall.

"This project starts in the context of a local grocery store, but it could really help change shopping behavior nationwide."

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