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Balancing Act

Sophomore Leads Greek Council


In addition to his studies as a second-year architecture student at Carnegie Mellon, Steven Burton (A '10) has also taken on the role of Greek Council president. One of the organization's youngest members, Burton is thrilled to serve knowing he will still be on campus to see his changes take place.

"This is a great opportunity for me to build relationships and gain experience leading large groups of people," said Burton, who first visited Carnegie Mellon as a high school senior.

"I used to have the impression that frats and sororities just partied a lot," he admitted. "But once I spent some time on Carnegie Mellon's campus, I saw that these are dedicated and enthusiastic groups of students who are really focused on serving the community and building camaraderie."

Fellow member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and former Greek Council president himself, alum Tom Eliopoulos is proud to see that other members of his chapter are stepping up to the plate and contributing positively to the Greek community at Carnegie Mellon.

"Traditionally the Greek Council president is a junior or senior, but I think that Steve is mature enough to handle this position and that he has a clear understanding of where he wants to take the Greek Community," Eliopoulos said. "He has ideas, initiative, and ingenuity — three qualities I think are essential for someone in his position."

Greek Council meets once a week. So far, Burton has led discussions on his ideas for new social and philanthropic events and ways to better finance Greek Sing so the organization doesn't have to pay for the hall out of its own pocket. He has proposed holding a larger Greek formal, one that will include all of the fraternities and sororities in a single event.

"In the back of my mind, I'm always thinking of ways we can strengthen our community as a whole."

Burton's primary goal as Greek Council president is to raise the visibility of the organization's contributions to the community by adding some new events. But right now, he going to get some much needed sleep after pulling all-nighters studying for finals.

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