Carnegie Mellon University
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change some of our processes to maintain the safest environment possible. To ensure students receive care in the optimal setting and to reduce the risk of inadvertent exposure to COVID-19, we cannot provide any walk-in services during the pandemic. All services will be delivered by appointment only. Please call us at 412-268-2157 to discuss your needs. 

UHS Services during COVID-19

We remain committed to providing high quality care and support to all students during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently offering the following services. 

COVID-19 Testing 

For students presenting with any symptoms that suggest a COVID infection or who are close contacts of known positive cases, our testing strategy calls for two types of tests to quickly assess students and provide rapid results. UHS will administer an antigen test that returns rapid results within 15 minutes so we can take immediate action for confirmed positive cases.

  • If a student receives a positive antigen test result, we'll initiate a plan for care, isolation and contract tracing.
  • If a student receives a negative antigen test result, a confirmatory PCR test (that will return results in approximately 2-4 days) will be performed to validate the initial test result. Students will be provided care and guidance until the PCR test result is received. 

Carnegie Mellon is committed to providing access to symptomatic and close contact testing with no barrier to care. For students enrolled in CMU’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), the cost of testing will be automatically covered. For any student who is not able to secure coverage through their insurance, the university will cover the cost of testing.

COVID testing for special circumstances:

  • Pre-travel requirements: Due to the surge in COVID cases in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, UHS is not receiving travel test results within 72 hours (the typical time frame required by pre-travel policies). For this reason, we do not recommend seeking travel testing at UHS at this time.
COVID testing for travel is not covered by CMU SHIP; for students enrolled in CMU SHIP, the cost is $105, which will be charged to student accounts. For students enrolled in other insurance plans, we can bill the insurance plan, but cannot guarantee that the test will be covered by any plan.  
  • Pre-travel requirement for China: We are able to offer antibody testing for those needing it to enter China and other countries that require it. Please call us to discuss the details. This service may not be available during a time of surge in cases.
  • Pre-procedural/operative testing: UHS can offer this service and can bill to a student's insurance plan.
  • Pre- Winter Break Asymptomatic Testing: Prior to winter break, the university is offering asymptomatic COVID-19 tests to all Pittsburgh-located students. Each student is eligible for one asymptomatic COVID-19 test during this testing period at no cost. 

Flu Vaccine

UHS is currently offering flu vaccine appointments for students. To make a flu shot appointment online, log into HealthConnect to schedule. You may also call us at 412-268-2157 to learn more about available vaccination times. When preparing to get your flu shot, please wear a top with short sleeves or sleeves that can be easily rolled up.

For students enrolled in the CMU SHIP, the cost of the flu vaccine is fully covered by the plan. For students who waived the CMU SHIP, the $25 cost of the flu vaccine will be charged to your student account. Although not guaranteed, you can submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement using the receipt of payment and it is likely to be fully covered. A copy of the receipt for a flu shot can be obtained by sending an email to

Phone Consultation

Please call us at 412-268-2157, option 2, to discuss your needs.  We can assist with health advice, medication refills, lab orders, insurance questions, and more. 

If you have recently seen a UHS healthcare provider, you can contact them directly through HealthConnect (login required) - after logging in, select Messages, then New Message, then choose "Contact a medical provider you have seen" from the menu. 

Telehealth (Virtual) Appointments

Telehealth appointments are available for students who are currently in Allegheny County.  Call 412-268-2157, option 2, and a nurse will assist you with scheduling, if appropriate.  Due to health laws and limitations in different areas, UHS is unable to provide telehealth appointments for students who are currently outside of Allegheny County, but we can offer consultation by phone and help you get the care you need.  

Students who have the CMU Student Health Insurance Plan (CMU SHIP) also have access to virtual care through Teladoc

Prescription Refills/Transfers & Blood Tests

You can request refills/transfers for existing prescriptions by calling us at 412-268-2157, option 2, or through HealthConnect (login required) - after logging in, select Messages, then New Message, then choose Prescription refill request from the menu.  

CVS Pharmacies are currently offering free prescription delivery for patients.  Check with other pharmacies directly to find out if they are offering home delivery.  

If we have ordered lab tests for you, please schedule an appointment directly with Quest Diagnostics

Health Insurance Information

Please call us at 412-268-2157, option 3, or email for assistance with insurance questions.  Visit the CMU Student Health Insurance Plan (CMU SHIP) page for details about coverage, benefits and more. 

Aetna, the insurance carrier for the CMU SHIP is waiving co-pays for all diagnostic testing related to COVID-19, as well as co-pays for inpatient admissions at all in-network and out-of-network facilities for treatment of COVID-19 or health complications associated with COVID-19.  Learn more about what Aetna is doing to support members at this time.  

Health Education Resources

Our Health Promotion Team, including the Peer Health Advocates (PHA), are working with many campus partners to offer a variety of virtual wellness resources.  Connect with the PHAs on Instagram to see what they're up to and check out the Student Affairs Events Calendar to see all things #VirtualCMU.