Carnegie Mellon University

2019-2020 CMU SHIP Details

2019-2020 Student Health Insurance Plan Rates

Coverage Period: August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020


Medical Brochure [pdf] Benefit Highlights [pdf]

 Aetna Student Health

Dental Brochure [ pdf]

Aetna Dental PPO (Optional)

Vision Brochure [pdf]

Aetna Vision Preferred (Optional)


$2,627 $238 $82.44


(Self + one family member)
$5,219 $400 $153.84


(Self + at least two family members)
$7,811 $600 $224.64
  • Full and Part-Time Matriculating Carnegie Mellon Students Students must attend the first 31 days of class in the semester of their enrollment.
  • Spouses/Domestic Partners and Dependent Children of Eligible Participants may also be added to any plan that the participant is enrolled in. Supporting documentation [pdf] is required.

Individuals with access to staff benefits may not enroll in the student insurance plans.

Adjunct professors and university consultants may not enroll in the student insurance plans.

The Nelnet Campus Commerce Health Insurance Option allows you to pay your insurance premium in nine monthly payments (September through May). If you already use this system to pay tuition and fees, you can add your health insurance premiums to that plan.

This option is only available during Fall Open Enrollment.  

What if your insurance costs change later in the year?

Review the information about changes due to qualifying events and complete the appropriate forms. We'll calculate your altered insurance premium tally, and then you'll notify Nelnet Campus Commerce of the modified amount.

2018-2019 CMU SHIP Details

2018-2019 CMU Student Health Insurance Plans

Coverage Period: August 1, 2018 - July 31, 2019


Medical Brochure

Aetna Student Health

Vision Brochure

Aetna Vision Preferred

Dental Brochure

Aetna Dental PPO



$2,339 $82.44 $231


Self and one family member 

(spouse/domestic partner or dependent child)

$4,643 $153.84 $388


Self and at least two family members

$6,947 $224.64 $582