Carnegie Mellon University

Eligibile participants must enroll or apply for waivers during a specific Open Enrollment period each academic year.

Open Enrollment Periods

Spring 2018: Open enrollment closed on January 31, 2018.

Fall 2018:  Fall open enrollment will open in July - check back soon.

Insurance coverage periods are August 1 through July 31 each year. 

The open enrollment period for medical insurance corresponds to an individual's first active semester on campus each academic year. Participants must make their medical insurance decision during this period, and can also enroll their spouse or domestic partner and/or dependent children in their chosen plan.

Enrollment for vision and dental plans is only available during fall and spring open enrollment.  Both timeframes are open to all eligible participants.

Spring 2018 open enrollment has closed.

To qualify for a waiver, students must verify that they already have medical insurance that meets the university’s requirements.

Waiver applications must be submitted during Open Enrollment in order to be considered for a complete waiver of the default-charged student insurance premium.  Students who miss the deadline will automatically be enrolled in the student medical insurance plan.  UHS will not accept late waivers.

Spring 2018 open enrollment has closed.

Partial Year Enrollment

Because open enrollment for medical insurance corresponds with an individual's first active semester on campus, there may be cases in which a person is enrolling for part of the year.

Students may enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan mid-year when a qualifying event takes place, such as a family or life status change (see "Change or cancel enrollment" below). You must make changes consistent with your status change within 30 days of the date the change occurred. Supporting documentation must be provided to CMU Health Services in order to verify your qualifying event.

Enrollments do not carry over to the next year.  If you enrolled in the insurance mid-year (for example, June) and wish to enroll for the next insurance year, beginning August 1, you will have to complete two forms: a Partial Year Enrollment Form for the prior year's coverage (in this example, June 1 - July 31) and one for the new year's coverage starting August 1.

2018 Partial Year Enrollment Forms [pdfs]

Medical enrollment decisons can be changed when qualifying events take place, and require that a medical enrollment change form [pdf] be completed.

Life and Family Status Changes ("Qualifying Events")

Family or life status changes may allow you to change your benefits to accommodate your new situation.  You must make changes consistent with your status change within 30 days of the date the change occurred.

Accepted Life or Family Status Changes

Marital/Domestic Partnership Changes:

  • marriage/registration of domestic partnership
  • death of spouse/domestic partner
  • divorce/termination of domestic partnership

Number of Covered Dependents Changes:

  • birth or adoption of a child
  • child becomes incapable of self-support due to total disability
  • death of dependent child
  • dependent becomes ineligible for coverage

You/Spouse/Domestic Partner loses health insurance from another source

Medical enrollment decisions can be cancelled only if 1) the cancellation is done before April 1, and 2) no claims are paid or pending against the policy.  A medical enrollment cancellation form [online] is required, which outlines eligible reasons for cancellation (link is active from September 1 through March 30).

Vision and dental enrollment decisions cannot be cancelled. If you enrolled yourself in the fall open enrollment period, and wish to enroll a spouse, domestic partner or children in the Spring, you have to pay the entire additional premium. There is no proration, and a change in enrollment is treated as another enrollment entirely.