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Group PhotoPeer Health Advocates (PHAs) are a group of student employees engaged in health education at UHS. We host campus events and develop content aimed at improving the well-being of all students. PHAs are trained in the areas of alcohol and substance use, sexual health, stress, and nutrition.

Want a topic or program format not described?  Let us know - we are glad to accommodate unique requests when possible. 

Current Initiatives:

Programs listed below are typically an hour in length unless otherwise indicated. 

Alcohol Jeopardy

It’s no secret that college students drink, even at CMU. In this game, learn about recommended drinking limits, strategies for safer drinking, signs of problem use, and ways to help a friend experiencing problems due to drinking.

Meditation and Mindfulness (M&M's)

Stress is an ongoing part of life that meditation and mindfulness practices can help us cope with. In this half-hour program, learn about mindfulness and meditation and practice a guided meditation.

Snooze, Don't Lose!

Sleep is a crucial part of success for college students, yet is often traded for late-night cram sessions and caffeine or other stimulants. Learn how these habits can impact academic success and about healthier sleep practices.

Sex: The Ins and Outs

Let’s face it; whether or not you’re sexually active, many of us have received misinformation about sex. Join us to learn accurate information about sexual health products and services offered by UHS, campus climate around sexual health, and safer sex strategies.

Sexpectations and Their Aftermath

This roundtable discussion utilizes popular music to spark conversations about how sexual expectations inform and shape our views toward sexuality and how they manifest in social settings.

GYN Health

Our sexual health needs vary by our reproductive organs; this program addresses the specific sexual health needs of anyone with a vagina. Learn about contraceptive options including those available at UHS, menstruation management options, and factors to consider when planning to have sex.

Tartan Nutrition Tips: Smart Snacking 

This 30 minute program will help students: understand the benefits of smart snacking, identify the components of a healthful snack, and give some ideas for snack planning! 

These programs take about 5-15 minutes. Schedule us to stop in during your org meeting or event!

Mini M&M’s

If you have just a few minutes to spare you can take part in this brief, guided relaxation activity. Walk away with a skill that you can carry out in your daily life.

Barrier Demos

Condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly, but only about 82% effective when they aren’t used correctly. Learn the correct steps to using safer sex barriers and what makes the 16% difference!

Drink Pour

Many college students who drink do so without knowing how much alcohol they’re consuming and end up more drunk than intended. Come see recommended drinking limits and standard drink measurements in action. 

It's a Mouthful: Safer Oral Sex

Did you know that STIs can be passed during oral sex?  Join us to learn about the steps you can take to enjoy safer oral sex!

Wetter is Better

Lots of us have heard about lube as a part of safer sex, but fewer know all the slippery details.  Learn about lube and its compatibility with other safer sex products.


Got a conference or fair coming up? The PHAs make a great fit at a variety of events and can cater our materials and activities to your needs.

Event Support

We partner with all sorts of student orgs and departments to get our message out there. We can be present at events as ambassadors to UHS, or help facilitate event activities. You tell us what you have in mind! 

Free Condom Friday (FCF)

On the 1st Friday of each month, PHAs table inside the CUC (or outside if it’s nice out) and provide FREE safer sex supplies. Check our facebook page for event updates. 

Awk Talk Logo

Awk Talk is a new program in which we'll be answering anonymous sexual health questions live at NOON on Free Condom Friday via our Facebook page. Submit questions here.  Check our facebook page for event updates. 

Wellness Friday

On the 3rd Friday of each month, PHAs table inside the CUC (or outside if it’s nice out) promoting a special health topic for the month and providing giveaways! Check our facebook page for event updates.