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Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are a group of student employees engaged in health education at UHS. We host campus events and develop content aimed at improving the well-being of all students.

Want a topic or program format not described?  Let us know - we are glad to accommodate unique requests when possible.

Health Education Programs

Alcohol Jeopardy: learn about strategies for safer drinking, signs of problem use, and ways to help a friend.
Sex: The Ins and Outs: learn accurate information about sexual health resources at UHS, campus climate around sexual health, and safer sex strategies.
Tartan Nutrition Tips: Smart Snacking: understand the benefits of smart snacking, identify the components of a healthful snack, and get ideas for snack planning!
Meditation and Mindfulness (M&M's): learn about mindfulness and meditation and practice a guided meditation.
Snooze, Don't Lose: learn how poor sleep habits can impact academic success and about healthier sleep practices.
GYN Health: learn about the sexual health needs of anyone with a vagina - contraceptives, menstruation management, and factors to consider when planning to have sex.

Sexpectations and Their Aftermath: This roundtable discussion utilizes popular music to spark conversations about how sexual expectations inform and shape our views.

PHA Shorts: Mini versions of many programs are available as demonstrations or activities.

Free Condom Fridays

Look for us on the 1st Friday of each month inside the CUC (or outside if it’s nice out) and get FREE safer sex supplies.

PHA Free Condom Fridays