Carnegie Mellon University

Nutrition Services and Education

Choosing when, where, and what to eat without assistance from your family might be a new experience for you.  We are here to assist you with nutrition services ranging from individual or group education sessions to medical nutrition therapy, meal planning, and more. Explore the links on the left for general information. 

Seek out these services if you:
•    have trouble understanding how to use your meal plan
•    have concerns about foods served on campus
•    have a food allergy, which may require dietary changes
•    are interested in weight maintenance
•    are an athlete interested in sports nutrition
•    want to improve your health and learn more about nutrition
•    have a digestive disease like crohn’s, IBS or celiac disease
•    are told by a healthcare provider to see a registered dietitian
•    have food and body image concerns

Happy Eating!

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