Carnegie Mellon University

The Health Promotion Team is here to support the health and well-being of the Carnegie Mellon community, through individual clinical services, health education programs, and campus initiatives.

Health Education Programs

Presented by the Peer Health Advocates

Alcohol & Other Substance Use

  • Alcohol Jeopardy
  • PHA Pong

Stress Management

  • Mindfulness & Meditation (M & Ms)
  • Mini M & Ms

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Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships

Presented by the Peer Health Advocates
  • Sex: The Ins & Outs
  • Sexpectations & Their Aftermath
  • GYN Health
  • Barrier Demos
  • It's a Mouthful: Safer Oral Sex
  • Wetter is Better
  • Healthy, Unhealthy or Abusive? 101

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Presented by the Peer Health Advocates

Sleep Health

  • Snooze, Don't Lose!


  • Tartan Nutrition Tips: Smart Snacking

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Collaborative Prevention Programs

Presented in partnership with CMU's Office of Title IX Initiatives and Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion
  • Healthy, Unhealthy or Abusive? 102
  • Consent
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Gender Roles & Impact
  • SafeZone
  • Stalking

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Community Initiatives

Mental Health First Aid

A partnership with Counseling & Psychological Services. This 8-hour course teaches how to offer initial help in a mental health crisis and connect persons to appropriate resources.  Spring 2019 training dates:
- Monday, February 11
- Tuesday, March 19
- Wednesday, May 15

Collegiate Recovery Community

The CMU Collegiate Recovery Program (CRC) strives to connect, support, and engage students (and allies) in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

Green Dot

Green Dot training teaches how to be an active bystander around dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in our community. Learn more about what we've accomplished in the first year of Green Dot at CMU.

If you are a student and would like more information/ to get involved, contact us.

Staff/Faculty can request  a 60-90 minute program. 

Health Promotion Products Request

We offer free health promotion supplies like safer sex barriers, cold care kits, health education literature, etc. for student leaders to supply to their communities.


Healthy U Student Wellness Project

Every three years University Health Services, Counseling & Psychological Services, and University Athletics partner with Institutional Research and Analysis to conduct a Community Health Assessment on the Pittsburgh campus.

Individual Clinical Services

Health Promotion appointments include: Alcohol & Substance Use Assessments, Quit Smoking Support, Sleep Assessments, Stress Consultations, and Sexual Health Testing and Education.