Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Student Orientation

2017 Presentations

Career & Professional Development Center
It’s not too early to hone your professional skills or explore your career options.  Join the Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC) staff for an informative session covering the services and resources that are available to students.

Carnegie Mellon: A Look Back to Understand Our Values Today

Graduate Student Resources
Life as a graduate student will be demanding in many ways.  This session provides an overview of available university resources and services to facilitate your experience and support your progress while introducing you to three representatives who can point you in the right direction for many of your questions and concerns.  (Coming soon!)
  • Ph.D. Students [pdf]
  • Master's Students [pdf]
The HUB & Financial Life of Graduate Students
The HUB?  What is it and why do I need to know about it?  Great questions!  The HUB is the comprehensive student services center providing students information in the areas of financial aid, student accounts, registration, and ID Card-related services. Come learn more about the people and resources found in The HUB and just how important their services are to your Carnegie Mellon experience.
Living in Pittsburgh
Come hear a recent graduate student share their wealth of knowledge about the city and community you have just joined!  From knowing where to shop and eat, to getting bills paid and ideas for spending free moments, this will show you how to get around Pittsburgh and explore the resources near campus and in the greater Pittsburgh area.
Ph.D. Students and Teaching at CMU
Standards & Expectations: Community, Communication and Relationships (Title IX & You)

Student Health Insurance
This session is intended to introduce you to the basics of the student health insurance coverage, how to use the student health insurance, where it is accepted, etc.. 

Tenant’s Rights
Information about signing a lease, your legal obligations as a renter, your landlord's legal obligations and what to do for help with housing issues.

University Health Services
Did you know that you could get a massage on campus?  Have you been immunized?  Interested in talking about nutrition?  Curious about the services offered for physical and health care on campus? Wondering if there is a program to stop smoking on campus?  Learn more about the health care services on campus.

University Libraries
Carnegie Mellon libraries can provide you with a multitude of resources to compliment your academic endeavors.  Interlibrary loan, research databases, and general reference information resources are discussed.