Carnegie Mellon University

Professional Development Series 

This series provides seminars and workshops in skills development including, but not limited to, professionalization, communication, business, and management of resources geared to better prepare our graduate students for successful academic endeavors and careers in academic, corporate, public and research sectors. Most of the programs require advanced registration which can be found with the descriptions below and will be provided with announcements on the Graduate Education Calendar and weekly email of events. 
These programs are co-sponsored by the Graduate Education Office, the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), and the offices that are listed in each announcement.  


Mentoring Undergraduates in Research Workshop         
November 20, 2019         12:00-1:30pm
Presented By: Brittany Allison, Undergraduate Research Office
The goal of this workshop is to present practices of strong mentors, provide tangible and effective strategies to mentor an undergraduate research student, and help cultivate a positive mentor/mentee relationship. At the end of the workshop, mentors should be able to develop a productive plan for their undergraduate research student and also be able to identify additional resources that support productive mentorship relationships. This workshop is valuable for all levels of mentoring experience, and we look forward to interactive participation and insightful discussion.

Communication Sciences Meets Presentation Delivery
December 3, 2019     4:30-6:00pm
Location: TBD
Presented by: Jackie Gartner-Schmidt, PhD., CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow, Co-director of the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center, Director of Speech Pathology-Voice Division, Professor of Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, TEDx Pittsburgh Speaker.

This module is designed to give students didactic and experiential learning in Voice and Presence when delivering a presentation. Two of the most important aspects of a presentation are the speaker’s credibility and believability, which can be easily sabotaged by the presenter’s delivery. Once the story and the prose of a presentation are in order, a presenter must use their voice and body to bring the presentation to life!  In this Communication Module, students will:

  • Learn practical strategies to vary rate of speech, pauses, pitch and loudness, resonance, vocal clarity, and inflection, all while keeping their personal vocal signature.
  • Experientially learn how to:
    • FEEL the sounds of speech, physiologically, via efficient voice techniques using breath, voice, resonance and articulation
    • HEAR the difference between ineffective and effective voice and speaking techniques
  • Use non-verbal communication techniques such as gestures, the “power space”, position on stage, and connection to the audience, to further solidify their Presentation Delivery.

Jackie L. Gartner-Schmidt, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is Co-Director of the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center, Professor of Otolaryngology, and Director of Speech-Language Pathology-Voice. She holds an appointment as Professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Gartner-Schmidt’s clinical and research focus specializes on care of the professional speaking voice, as well as clinical effectiveness of voice therapy and psychological considerations in the assessment and management of patients with voice and breathing disorders.  She presents frequently at both national and international voice conferences (>400) and runs the largest conference on voice therapy in the country (biennially).  Dr. Gartner-Schmidt’s federally funded research, as a co-investigator, focuses on the development and efficacy of different speaking voice therapy programs, as well as being co-author on six outcome studies related to the assessment and management of voice, singing and breathing disorders.  She routinely sees professional speaking clients and presents on communication effectiveness. Her recent TEDx Pittsburgh Talk (June 27th, 2018) has over 162,000 views.