Carnegie Mellon University

Professional Development Series 2018-2019

This series provides seminars and workshops in skills development including, but not limited to, professionalization, communication, business, and management of resources geared to better prepare our graduate students for successful academic endeavors and careers in academic, corporate, public and research sectors. Most of the programs require advanced registration which can be found with the descriptions below and will be provided with announcements on the Graduate Education Calendar and weekly email of events. 
These programs are co-sponsored by the Graduate Education Office, the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), and the offices that are listed in each announcement.  


How to Handle File Format Decisions as a Researcher
Wednesday, November 28, 2018
12:00 – 1:30pm
Presented by: Gabrielle Michalek, University Libraries
This workshop provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities file format selection poses and provides for you as a researcher, particularly regarding your research outputs.
Tenant/Landlord Rights and Responsibilities
Thursday, November 29, 2018
Location provided upon registration       
Presented by: Matthew James Marcello, Esq.
*REGISTRATION REQUIRED* by noon on November 27, 2018. Space is limited due to room size.
Information will be provided about your legal obligations as a renter, your landlord's legal obligations and what to do for help with housing issues.
Brought to you by Student Senate, the Graduate Student Assembly and the Provost's Office