TCinGC Outcomes by Location

Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia

Mingi Kim (H&SS-Spanish)
Bridget Lewis (MCS-Physics/SCS-HCI)

  • Wrote a business plan to provide technology consulting services to the region.

Cook Islands
Airport Authority

Sean Kim (Dietrich-IS / Heinz-MISM)

  • Helped the Airport Authority develop a web site for the Airport.
  • Developed an information system to better manage work orders.

Cook Islands
Department of National Human Resources and Development

Jeremy Cohen Hoffing (H&SS-IS)

  • Developed a new web portal to allow the National Human Resources Development Department to communicate student scholarship information, department information, and information about the organizations under their management.

Ian Pearson (Heinz-MSPPM)

  • Developed Department capacity to develop and manage simple database systems.
  • Developed a few small databases to manage financial information and student records.
  • Improved Department data analysis and reporting skills using Microsoft Access and Excel.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Agriculture

Chloe Koo (Dietrich-IS)

  • Redesigned and developed a new web site for the Ministry.
  • Trained staff on how to update and maintain the site.
  • Developed a set of forms to be accessible on the site so that customers could download, complete, and email forms to the Ministry to expedite the processing of agricultural permits.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Cultural Development

Rachel Crown (Dietrich-IS)

  • Lead a process to develop a technology plan, focused especially on improving data communication and file sharing between the Ministry's multiple locations.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Education

Lindsey Bleimes (SCS-CS)

  • Improved the technical infrastructure of the Ministry and provided training to Ministry technical support staff.
  • Implemented an open-source course management system to help the Ministry share information and support distance education programs for both teachers and students.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Finance and Economic Management

Rohit Bothra (H&SS-IS)

  • Designed and developed an information system to improve payroll management for all government employees.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Anlan Cai (Heinz-MSPPM)

  • Assessed the Ministry's paper-based record management needs and provided a detailed recommendation on how to move to electronic records.

Justin Cinicolo (H&SS-IS)

  • Re-engineered and revised the national immigration database.
  • Implemented broadband Internet connectivity into the Ministry.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Health

David Bunker (SCS-CS)

  • Re-implemented the Ministry web site to be based on an open-source content management system to provide the ability for a broader set of staff to update content.

Mark Egerman (SCS-CS)

  • Created a web site to communicate with the Cook Islands public.
    • This site was used and updated until it was replaced in 2010 with one providing more functionality.
  • Designed and planned installation of a local area network for the hospital.
  • Provided advice toward implementing a new commercial health information system.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning

Haya Thowfeek (Qatar-IS)

  • Upgraded and integrated discrete databases into a better information system to manage survey and permit information.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Internal Affairs

Tim Garvey (Heinz-MSPPM)

  • Designed and implemented a new database to allow the Ministry to better manage welfare recipient information.

Stephanie Fan (H&SS-IS)

  • Developed Ministry capacity to develop and manage simple database systems.
  • Developed a database to manage information about welfare beneficiaries.
  • Developed a database to more efficiently manage data in the Office of Censorship

Cook Islands
Ministry of Justice

Rohan Kalra (H&SS-IS)

  • Designed and implemented a system to better manage information in the criminal, probation and prison systems.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Marine Resources

Amin Ali (Dietrich-IS)

  • Assessed the current marine vehicle licensing system and developed an easily updatable database to track vehicle licensing and registration information.
  • Aggregated information from other systems to create a unified relational database.
  • Helped to update and correct obsolete information on the Ministry website.

Cook Islands
Office of the Prime Minister

Kenrick Fernandes (Qatar-CS)

  • Surveyed 40 government ministries and documented the state of their systems for backing up data.
  • Investigated alternative government-wide backup strategies including outsourcing to Telecom Cook Islands.
  • Documented requirements for the backup strategy and made recommendations based on both financial and technical criteria.

Carla Salman-Martinez (Heinz-MSPPM)

  • Trained new e-government staff members in risk analysis, feasibility assessment, cost-benefit analysis, net present value, change management, and use of the Microsoft applications Project 98 and Visio.
  • Developed and documented an E-government Strategy for the Cook Islands. 
    • As of February 2009, this document continued to be the guiding strategy for the country.

Cook Islands
Ministry of Transport

Elizabeth Li (Dietrich-IS)

  • Assisted the Ministry in reorganizing the files on its shared server.
  • Completed and published its Joomla-based website
  • Created a query system to help reduce phone calls and walk in appointments.
  • Improved the Ministry’s licensing operations by conducting training on basic database design and helped the Ministry to better understand the relationship between Microsoft Access and Excel.

Federated States of Micronesia
College of Micronesia, Pohnpei

Patrick Nagel (Heinz-MISM)

  • Analyzed the requirements for a new Student Information System

Tracy Wong (Heinz-MISM)

  • Developed a new strategy for the college’s website.

Federated States of Micronesia
Ministry of Health, Education, and Social Affairs

Christina Dinwoodie (SCS-CS/Heinz-MISM)
Jacqueline Kirchhoff (SCS-CS)
Don Mosites (H&SS-IS)
Michael Shebetich (H&SS-IS)

  • Worked in the 4 state hospitals in Kosrae, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Yap.
  • Advised hospital chief administrators in IT adoption planning and support.
  • Trained hospital staff in basic IT skills.
  • Worked with hospital IT staff to improve technology management skills.
  • Troubleshot technical problems in new World Health Organization supplied computer labs.
  • Auxiliary project: For the Chuuk Department of Public Safety, developed a software application to record and manage vehicle owners and registrations.

Ashesi University, Accra

Kathryn Dickens (Heinz-MSPPM)
Adrienne White (CIT-MSISTM)

  • Helped Ashesi to define the requirements for an automated student records management system, research and evaluate open source and commercial alternatives, and choose a system to adopt.
  • Worked with staff to define an implementation plan, and create training materials.

Mathru School for the Blind, Bangalore
In partnership with Microsoft Research India

Kaleem Rahman (Qatar-CS)
Saurabh Sanghvi (CIT-ECE)
Aysha Siddique (Qatar-CS)
Ermine Teves (TSB-BA)

  • Helped the Mathru School computerize their student and financial records.
  • Developed a new web site and the ability to update it on a regular basis (
  • Field-tested and improved the TechBridgeWorld Braille Tutor, adding new curriculum and training teachers to use it more effectively.
  • Developed a way to use a text Braille embosser to create raised tactile images from visual images so that blind students could feel graphics, charts, geometric shapes, and maps.

Planet Read, Puducherry

Clinton Loo (H&SS-IS)
Brad Miller (CIT-ECE)

  • Planet Read is a nonprofit that uses same-language-subtitling added to music videos, broadcast via television, to improve literacy of the early-literate in India.
  • Created software to improve the efficiency of the same language subtitling process Planet Read uses in its literacy programs
  • Prototyped a Mandarin version of their web site.

Marshall Islands
Bureau of Kwajalein Atoll Health Care Services, Ebey

Daniel Dvinov (SCS-CS)
Conrad Woodring (CIT-MechE)

  • Reorganized the hospital’s computer network.
  • Utilized the Exchange server to provide e-mail communication throughout the hospital.
  • Established procedures for maintaining a video-conferencing link with PEACESAT
  • Conducted training workshops for staff on Excel, PowerPoint, and network resources.

Department of Information and Communications Technology

Hans Schweitzer (H&SS-IS)
Richard Chen (TSB-BA)

  • Drafted an Information Management Policy for the Nauran government, based on interviews of all department heads and select staff, gathered forms, observations of spreadsheets and databases used, and related work practices.
  • Created a system for managing information in their fuel-rationing program.
  • Defined a plan for implementing a national ID number for each Nauruan.

Department of Education

Varun Arora (Qatar-IS)
Ki Yeun Kim (SHS/MCS-Math)

  • Updated One Laptop Per Child server software.
  • Ran workshops for teachers on the use of the open source Moodle course management system.
  • Drafted policies for the use of the One Laptop Per Child laptops.

Ministry of Education

Tom Lewkowitz (SCS-CS)
Yixin Liu (CIT-ECE)

  • Created a web-based information system to manage, analyze, and report student standardized test scores across the Palau school system.
  • The new system will save the Ministry months of work each year.  Reports on test data that used to take the Ministry until late fall to produce were ready for an education conference in July. 

Zixuan Ma (Heinz-MISM)

  • Re-engineered the Palau High School’s Student Information System and built capacity within the Ministry to manage further development.
  • Deployed the open source learning management system, Moodle, for use by Ministry staff and schoolteachers.

Jasmine Han (H&SS-IS/SCS-HCI)

  • Redesigned and implemented the Ministry of Health’s web site, built on an open source content management system.
  • Integrated the Palau Career Resources Network into the new Ministry web site.

Jon Milikowsky (SCS-CS)
Matthew Johnson-Roberson (SCS-CS)

  • Identified and adapted an open-source web-based student information system for use in managing student data in all elementary schools.
  • Demonstrated a more cost-effective alternative to manage student computer labs by using lower-capacity computers and Linux-based terminal server software.
  • Created a new intranet with e-mail, shared folder space, unified user logins and management for use throughout the Ministry.

Ministry of Health

Katherine Edgar (CFA-Design)

  • Helped the Bureau of Public Health Community Advocacy Program to communicate more clearly with the public by developing a marketing / brand identity, creating standard communication templates.
  • Trained staff to use advanced graphic design applications.

Brandon Loughery (Heinz-MAM)

  • Helped the Bureau of Public Health use a Geographical Information System to support emergency planning.
  • The GIS maps show the locations of homebound patients, emergency shelters, health ministry dispensaries, and potentially dangerous fuel storage locations. 

Mi Gyeong Koo (SCS-CS)

  • A standardized reporting template was developed to extract information from databases in 9 hospital units for decision making by the Director of Hospital and Clinical Services.
  • A new database was created for the hospital laboratory.

Courtenay O’Connor (Heinz-MSPPM)
Nirav Patel (CIT-ECE)

  • Worked with the Medical Licensure, Medical Referral, Medical Library, and Institutional Review Board programs at the Ministry of Health to develop databases and work processes to improve information management.

Kevin Purtell (H&SS-IS)
Katie Menzies (CIT-ECE/BME)

  • Consolidated 10 databases in the Bureau of Public Health into a single improved system to better support data collection and statistical analysis of environmental health information such as food handling inspections, health permits, and disease surveillance. 
  • Created an information system to better track, analyze, and manage Public Health educational outreach activities.

Stephen Maher (H&SS-IS)
Gopal Patel (CIT-ECE/SCS-CS)

  • Developed departmental databases while training personnel on their design and use.
  • Developed an asset tracking database and a human resources database.
  • Upgraded a database to better track inventory in the pharmacy’s dispensary.
  • Provided training sessions on Microsoft Excel and Access to demonstrate data collection, analysis, and reporting techniques
  • Extensive training with the Infection Control division led to a reorganization of their hospital environmental surveillance data.

Colegio Técnico Privado Antonio Raimondi

Hermona Tamrat (CIT-CEE)

  • Helped the school to develop a new web site based on the open source Joomla content management system.
  • Researched leadership transition planning and presented findings to the family that runs the schools to facilitate their discussion.

Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation in Daet

Jeremy Cohen Hoffing (Heinz-MISM)

  • Significantly improved the college's ailing computer network.
  • Created a custom database to allow  the college's administrators to better manage student information

Melissa Acosta (CFA-Industrial Design/DC-Global Systems & Management/SCS-HCI)

  • Completely revised the College's web site, improved content on the site, and trained staff in how to update and maintain the site.

Tom Flavin (H&SS-IS, Heinz-MISM)
Stephanie Chow (H&SS-IS)
Rana Khalil (Qatar-IS)

  • Updated the College’s web site adopting an open-source content management system. 
  • Trained College personnel on the updating and maintaining the site.
  • Researched and customized an open-source student-records management system for the College. 
  • Worked with College personnel to adapt the system to their work processes.

Abhinav Gautam (CIT-ECE)

  • Further developed the robotics curriculum that students had helped the College initiate the previous summer.

Si Ying Hu (CIT-ECE)
Steven Elia (CIT-ECE/SCS-CS)
Sixiao Joy Liu (CIT-MechE)

  • The student consultants created a robotics curriculum, held workshops for OLLCF faculty, and created a roadmap to build a robotics program. 
  • The workshops developed the OLLCF faculties' knowledge, while also serving as a forum to discuss how to adapt the curriculum for their Filipino students.

Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village

Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village is a residential community providing education for children orphaned during and after the Rwandan genocide.

Nicole Ifill (Dietrich-IS)
Loward Ziv Piper (Heinz-MSISPM)

  • Helped ASYV define the requirements for a unified information system to manage student information concerning education, health and wellness, and follow-up upon graduation.
  • Performed systematic user testing of a new intranet and provided user interface recommendations to improve it.
  • Developed an alumni database to track graduates.

Alimou Bah (Heinz-MISM)
Jin Seop Kim (SCS-CS)

  • Completed the full setup of three computer labs, including hardware, networks, and software.
  • Established a team of student assistants to provide ongoing support for the labs.
  • Configured ASYV's student information system, and trained staff in its use.
  • Created a plan to improve the WiFi networking in the village.


Vivian Cheung (Heinz-Global MISM)

  • Vivian designed and helped Manumetal implement a way to bridge their local area networks, researched and implemented a customer relationship management system to replace their paper and spreadsheet-based system.

Horizon Sopyrwa

Yikai Zhu (Heinz-Global MISM)

  • Improved internal communication by implementing an instant messaging system.
  • Created a process for sharing report files between departments.
  • Built a database to better manage information in the Crop Production Department.

Sri Lanka
Children’s Resource Center, Hambantota
& Youth Progressive Foundation, Weligama

Halloran Perry (CFA-Art/SCS-CS)
Margaret Richards (SCS-CS)

  • Created promotional material in English, including brochures and web sites
  • Planned and installed a computer network.
  • Created computer curricula geared to 3 different groups of children.
  • Completed implementation of a membership database.

Sri Lanka
The Y’s Men’s and Menettes’ Clubs of Dehiwala

Emily Eelman (Heinz-MSPPM)

  • Developed the Dehiwala Y’s Men’s Website.
  • Developed a database to manage data on members, projects, expenses, donations, and trips.

Unalakleet, AK
Bering Strait School District

Boleslaw Kurowski (Heinz-MISM)
Cristina Sonia Melo (Heinz-MSPPM)

  • Helped the Bering Strait School District plan the evolution of their custom-built student information system to a community-supported open-source project. After interviewing many stakeholders, they made major improvements to the system’s user-interface and functionality.
  • Packaged the student information system in a way that potential collaborators could download and evaluate the system. This is a critical step toward attracting a community of users and developers interested in sustaining  the system as an open-source project.