2012 TCinGC Partnerships

Rwanda - Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village

Nicole Ifill (Dietrich-IS)
Loward Ziv Piper (Heinz-MSISPM)


Nicole and Ziv helped ASYV define the requirements for a unified information system to manage student information concerning education, health and wellness, and follow-up upon graduation. They also performed systematic user testing of a new intranet and provided user interface recommendations to improve it.

Nicole wrote afterward: "My core project experience revolved around adapting and embracing a new culture, thinking about solutions that are sustainable for the context and understanding how to navigate through resistance to change. Learning these lessons were very timely as I started job because similar challenges exists on my current project. Also for me, consulting as a student in a developing region of the world was a way for me to gauge whether I could see myself doing similar work in the future. And since the answer is yes, I would not trade the experience for another."

Nicole Ifill, Kabirigi Deo, Ziv Piper

In the picture to the left, Nicole and Ziv flank Kabirigi Deo, the ASYV IT Coordinator. Information about Ziv's day to day work is in Tumblr.

Read their Final Consulting Report.

Yikai Zhu Horizon

Rwanda - Horizon Sopyrwa

Yikai Zhu (Heinz-Global MISM)

Yikai improved Sopyrwa's IT infrastructure and communication within the company by implementing an instant messaging system within the company, creating a process for sharing report files between departments, and building a database to better manage information in the Crop Production Department.

This consulting engagement was in partnership with Carnegie Mellon Rwanda and arranged by Michel Bézy, Associate Director of Carnegie Mellon Rwanda. Yikai (left) is here pictured with Gabriel Bizimungu, the General Manager of Horizon Sopyrwa.

Read more about Yikai's experience on Tumblr.

Read his final consulting report.

Manumetal, Inc.

Rwanda - Manumetal

Vivian CheungVivian Cheung (Heinz-Global MISM)

Vivian designed and helped Manumetal implement a way to bridge their local area networks, researched and implemented a customer relationship management system to replace their paper and spreadsheet-based system.

This consulting engagement was in partnership with Carnegie Mellon Rwanda. Vivian is pictured at left alongside Michel Bézy, Associate Director of Carnegie Mellon Rwanda.

Read her final consulting report.

Peru - Colegio Técnico Privado Antonio Raimondi

Hermona Tamrat

Hermona Tamrat (CIT-CEE)

2012 was the first year TCinGC partnered with the school in Pucallpa, a city in eastern Peru on a tributary to the Amazon River. Hermona's family is from Ethiopia, she was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, and is fluent in Spanish -- making her a good choice for consulting in Peru.

Hermona helped the school to develop a new web site based on the open source Joomla content management system. She also researched leadership transition planning and presented her findings to the family that runs the schools to facilitate their discussion.

More about her experience is posted to Tumblr.

Read her final consulting report.

Sean Kim

Cook Islands - Airport Authority

Cook Island Airport Authority Web Site

Sean Kim (Dietrich-IS / Heinz-MISM)

Sean is a 2012 CMU graduate who participated in TCinGC before beginning a career with McKinsey & Company.

Sean helped the Airport Authority to develop a web site for the Airport and an information system to better manage work orders. On the left is a screen shot of the new web site, and more information is on Tumblr.

Read his final consulting report.
Tim Garvey

Cook Islands - Ministry of Internal Affairs

Tim Garvey (Heinz-MSPPM)

Tim designed and implemented a new database to allow the ministry to better manage welfare recipient information.

You can read more about Tim's experience via Tumblr.

Read his final consulting report.

Anlan Cai

Cook Islands - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Anlan Cai (Heinz-MSPPM)

Anlan worked with the Ministry to better understand their paper-based record management needs and provide a detailed recommendation on how to move to electronic records.

At right, you can see her (top left) pictured with Myra Patai, the Director and Treaties, and her children. Everyone is ready for the Constitution Day float. More pictures and stories are on Tumblr.

Read her final consulting report.

Cook Islands - Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning

Haya Thowfeek ER

Haya Thowfeek (Qatar-IS)

Haya helped the Ministry to upgrade and integrate discrete databases into a better information system to manage survey and permit information.

Haya is Sri Lankan, studying Information Systems in Qatar with a minor in Global Systems. Technology for development has been a long standing passion of hers. In the near future she aspires to combine technology development with education technology in developing countries. Read more about her experiences on Tumblr.

Read her final consulting report.

Kenrick Fernandes and Tepua Hunter, Cook Islands - Office of the Prime Minister

Kenrick Fernandes (Qatar-CS)

Kenrick Fernandes is originally from the town of Udupi in Karnataka, India, and has grown up in Qatar -- so he calls both places home. His interests include music, technology, people, good food, design and ice-cream. He is pictured here with Tepua Hunter, ICT Director in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Kenrick worked within the Department of Information and Communication Technology to help them develop a reliable strategy to backup and archive data for the whole of Cook Islands' government.

See more on Tumblr.

Read his final consulting report.

Cook Islands - Ministry of Cultural Development

Rachel Crown (Dietrich-IS)

Rachel Crown

Rachel lead a process in the Ministry to develop a technology plan. She focused especially on improving data communication and file sharing between the Ministry's multiple sites. She also helped out with many of the Ministry's cultural events.

Rachel has ridden competitively for 14 years, so did not miss the chance to ride on Aroa Beach in Rarotonga. You can read more about her experience on Tumblr.

Read her final consulting report.