Carnegie Mellon University

Laboratory Safety for Students

When working in a laboratory, certain rules must be followed, or you may hurt yourself or others.  Please read all of the rules carefully.

  1. SAFETY GLASSES - You must wear safety glasses or goggles at all times when working on the experiments. Some chemicals may be harmful to your eyes.  Call your teacher immediately if a chemical spills or splashes.
  2. SPILLS - Wipe up all spills immediately. Avoid getting chemicals on your skin.  If you do, wash with water immediately and tell your teacher.
  3. EATING - No eating or drinking is ever permitted during an experiment.
  4. HORSEPLAY - No running, pushing, or shoving.  Expensive equipment could be broken, chemicals could spill, or someone could get hurt.
  5. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - Always complete the experiment exactly as the directions and your teacher tell you to do. Do not try other experiments on your own.  Listen quietly to all directions and ask questions about anything you are not sure of.  Always read all of the directions before you begin.
  6. CLEAN-UP - Always make sure all equipment and work areas are cleaned up carefully.  Follow the instructions given to you. Dispose of waste as instructed by your teacher. Wash your hands with soap and water after conducting the experiments.
  7. HELP - Always ask your teacher for help if you do not understand a direction.  Do not start an experiment until your teacher says you may.