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This page contains links to lesson plans and K-12 educational materials contributed by the Carnegie Mellon University community for K-12 students. If you are a part of the CMU community and have any updates or suggestions, please contact us.

  • Brownfield Classroom Activities
  • DNAZone: DNAZone is a program organized by the members of CNAST that provides educational outreach to 4th-12th grade students. The program is intended to improve student engagement, attitudes and beliefs towards science. DNAZone attracts students to science by exposing them to modern and exciting, state-of-the art aspects of nucleic acids science. Through this program, CNAST hopes to foster students' interest in mathematics, science and engineering and their appreciation of collaboration and interdisciplinary work.
  • Macromolecular Products: Experiments with Polymers
  • Safe-Net: SAFE-Net (Security Awareness for Everyone on the Net), Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s Cyber Safety Awareness Program, focuses on raising the awareness of students, parents, and educators about cyber threats, measures of protection, and cyber ethics.
  • Summer Center for Climate, Energy, and Environmental Decision-Making (SUCCEED): The SUCCEED Summer program consists of two programs: a 2-day workshop to improve teacher curriculum and a free 5-day summer school targeted at students entering 10th grade. In conjunction with the National Science Foundation’s Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making, we have adapted the SUCCEED curricula into K-12 lesson plans on climate, energy, and environment meeting Pennsylvania standards.
  • Super Sleuths: Solving Crime with Forensic Science