Carnegie Mellon University

General 5 Point Assessment Rubric

To be applied to written activities in the brownfields unit.

(105% - 100%)

5. All essential work has been completed and all work is correct. Extra work has been completed, or connections beyond what has been asked are included.
Specifically, responses to all questions are complete. The answers are presented in complete sentences. The student’s response contains more information than what has been asked of them. The student provides comprehensive responses.

(99% - 90%)

4. All essential work has been completed and all or nearly all of it is correct. The student has shown a great understanding of the assignment.
Specifically, the student has completed most or all of the response space given for each question, and the responses include accurate information.

(89% - 75%)

3. The student has correctly completed most of the assignment with only minor mistakes. A basic understanding of the assignment is shown in the student’s work.
Specifically, the student wrote responses for each question. Most of the space provided for the responses was used. Some understanding of the concept is demonstrated; however, it does not reflect the full scope of information that has been discussed, read, etc.

(74% - 60%)

2. The student has completed some of the assignment correctly. The student work has significant errors.
Specifically, the student has written some responses to each question but they are not complete or accurate, nor do they reflect the information provided during class.

(59% and below)

1. The student did not complete the assignment.
Specifically, the student did not write responses to the questions or the responses given were not related to what was assigned.