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What is a Brownfield? Objectives and Procedure



The student will read introductory information about brownfields, define some terms related to brownfields, explain the benefits of redeveloping brownfilelds, and complete review questions based on the readings and discussion.


The students should read the Brownfields Information packet silently or out loud to each other as a group. If the student has a problem with a word that they cannot pronounce, other students in the group can help. Other sources of information, such as the Internet pages listed on the sheet (PA Department of Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection Agency, Western Pennsylvania Brownfields Center), may be added to the reading assignment.

Following the reading the students should complete the “Define” pages that list common words related to brownfields, using information from the reading or other sources.

The “Explain” page will challenge students to think about the reasons that redeveloping a brownfield is beneficial to the community.

The “Review” pages provide questions to focus the students on topics that have been presented in this series of activities.

As an extension, groups of students (2-4) can develop questions about brownfields, based on their reading and additional research. The group that develops the question must also create an answer key. Groups should trade papers and complete.

Student pages and answer keys have been provided.