Carnegie Mellon University

What is Research?

Since 2007 the Gelfand Center has provided professional development workshops for local educators with support from the Siemens Foundation. Middle and high school teachers of science. mathematics and technology interact with faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students to develop a broader understanding of the work of engineers and what it means to conduct research and how research is integrated into the work of a scientist or engineer. We share information about opportunities for middle and high school students to become engaged in research.

Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy  

The initial design of the Science and Technology Academy of Pittsburgh Public Schools was completed by a student group in the Systems Synthesis course at the Heinz College. Dozens of Carnegie Mellon faculty, staff and students contributed to the planning process and operation of this exciting school. The innovative schedule embeds academic enrichment and support into the school day so that all students can participate.  Since the school opened in fall 2009, the Leonard Gelfand Center has employed Carnegie Mellon students to provide tutoring services for students in grades 6-12.

Student Tutors and Mentors

Student organizations provide tutoring and mentoring services in partnership with many local schools and organizations in Pittsburgh. Carnegie Mellon students provided more than 210,000 hours of service to the local community in the 2014-15 academic year. We applaud the efforts of Carnegie Mellon students who make working with local children a priority!